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The events industry is exploding. People want to be together more than ever — we are all feeling the boom. How will you meet demand and build an even stronger brand post pandemic? Leveraging 25 years of digital marketing consulting and her experience founding PartySlate, Julie will share 5 ways to help you streamline your marketing to save you time:

Create your best future in the wedding industry with a special Facebook Live series brought to you by NACE National Partner, Wedding Industry Speakers. Join us in conversation with Aleya Harris of Flourish Marketing, as she discusses the three keys to converting your social media relationships into actual sales.

Getting reviews is essential for all companies in the events industry. People want to know what others who have used our service feel, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Can you believe we’re nearing the midway point of 2021? After what felt like the longest year on record, it seems like this year is flying by, which means it’s time to get started on your mid-year digital audit. You might have evaluated your tech at the beginning of the year or during the downtime of COVID, but as always with technology a lot can change in a little bit of time.