National Standing Committees

NACE national committees are representative groups of NACE members working together to offer the NACE National Board guidance on programs and policies pertaining to strategic initiatives. Committee members serve at the discretion of the board and may review and suggest policies and programs if they are aligned with the organization’s strategic direction. National committee efforts are led by committee chairs who bring the committees’ suggestions to the board for review and approval. Committees meet at least once a month as well as at the NACE Experience Conference. The time and commitment volunteers spend on national endeavors create an invaluable network of knowledge and expertise to help cultivate an environment of learning and growth for our members and the organization as a whole.

Interested in serving on a NACE national committee? Be on the lookout for our call for volunteers this fall. Contact if you have any additional questions.

Black Caucus Committee


black caucus networking receptionblack caucus committeeBlack Caucus Committee 2022

The Black Caucus Committee facilitates networking and the exchange of ideas among Black members of NACE. The Caucus provides recommendations to the NACE National board to advance the Black Community within NACE. Members of this committee must be a NACE member in good standing.

Interested in joining us? Click here to access our zoom calls. In order to join, your membership must be in good standing. We meet monthly for one-hour calls.

Chair: Marlene Faulkner


Apply for a scholarship to earn your CPCE credentials!

The Foundation of NACE and Black Caucus Committee have partnered together to offer a Black CPCE scholarship program. This program is funded by donations from individual NACE members  This program was created so that Black NACE members have more opportunities to be in positions of leadership within the vibrant community of NACE. Applications are now open and we encourage you to apply! Click here.

Interested in donating toward our scholarship? We currently have a fundraiser to raise the money needed for our scholarship program. If you'd like to donate toward the scholarship, click here


Chapter Leaders Council (CLC)

The Chapter Leaders’ Council Mentors (CLC) support leaders of NACE chapters. The committee plays a vital role in the development and support of chapter leaders and in connecting chapter leaders with the national organization. Members of this committee may hold the CPCE credential and have served as a NACE Chapter President. 

Chair: Stephanie Olivares, CPCE
Board At-Large CLC Director: Dana Kadwell, CPCE

Committee Members:
Jennifer Burns
Kaelyn Cervero, CPCE
Robin Denny, MBA, CPCE, CERP
Tom Kokinakos
Richard Portney, CPCE
Alli Prato, CPCE
Adam Rineer, CPCE, CMP

Conference Advisory Committee

The Conference Advisory Committee consults and provides feedback for the future planning, themes, trends and goals for the Experience conference. They enjoy monitoring and identifying industry trends and supporting local chapter volunteers in order to provide recommendations for a framework for the planning of the conference. This is a fun group of NACE members! This committee begins in July and ends in July because of the conference planning cycle.

Committee Chair: Andy Bomberger, CPCE
Board Liaison: Kelly Dalisa, CPCE

Committee Members:
Jodi Harris
Erin Kenyan, CHE
Selina Mullenax, CPCE, CMP
Leigh Tidwell, CSEP
Lauren Twichell, CPCE
Stefana Welker
Indya Willis, CPCE

This committee will meet once a month or as needed.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee provides guidance and information to NACE leadership and staff on DEI opportunities that are beneficial to NACE members. They also help NACE collect, create and share information, education, and resources on DEI in the catering and events industry. This committee fosters collaboration and collects feedback from member-organized affinity groups.

Committee Chair: Ric Simmons

Board Liaison: Michelle Stansfield, CPCE

Committee Members:
Lynn Graham, CPCE
Kay Kim
Don Mamone
Indya Willis, CPCE


This committee will meet once a month or as needed.

Member Recognition Committee

The Member Recognition (previously Awards) Committee contributes to the increased recognition of the innovation and creativity of catering and event professionals through the NACE One Awards program and identifies other ways to recognize members and contributors. Work on this committee includes writing awards criteria, testing application systems, creating marketing plans, and recruiting judges. The committee also helps identify key trends and creative elements and creates content that educates and inspires catering and event professionals.

Committee Chair: Jamie Adams, CPCE
Board Liaison: Gil Hall, CPCE, CMP

Committee Members:
Angela Cameron
Kathy Dyke, CPCE
Steve Kemble
Ashley Marie, CPCE, TWP
Stacey Messina, CPCE
Kelli Taddonio

This committee meets once a month or as needed.

Membership Recruitment Committee

The Membership Recruitment Committee evaluates and provides guidance on initiatives to bring catering and event professionals into the NACE community and quickly connect them with the value of NACE membership. The committee works to identify key benefits of membership across the diverse segments and career stages NACE serves.

Committee Chair: Mary Kate Knight
Board Liaison: Lyn Gleasure, CPCE

Committee Members:
Nicole Bealby
Samantha Gieseke, CPCE
Julia Hurtley, CPCE
Rowena Pegg, CPCE

This committee will meet once a month or as needed.

Membership Retention Committee

The Membership Retention Committee evaluates and provides guidance on initiatives to ensure members of the NACE community recognize, use, and value the programs, benefits, and connections available as a member. The committee focuses on member engagement to create strong relationships between members, the chapters, and the national organization.

Committee Chair: Kay Kolbo
Board Liaison: Jill Vidal-Raines, CPCE, Dana Kadwell, CPCE

Committee Members:
Katie McNulty, CPCE
Christie Osborne
Gabriela Tamayo, CPCE
Amber Rowe
Kristan Williams, CPCE

This committee will meet once a month or as needed.

Nominations and Elections Committee

The Nominations and Elections Committee is a representative of the NACE members on a broad level. They enjoy encouraging other members to volunteer and plan and execute the national elections. This committee helps NACE plan and execute the annual nominations and elections process while learning more about governance and elections.

Committee Chair: James Filtz, CPCE, CHE, CMP
Board Liaison: Amber Allen, CPCE

Committee Members:
Gary Baumann, CPCE
Melissa Darisay
Jessica Barry
Adam Rineer, CPCE, CMP

This committee will meet once a month or as needed.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development (previously Certification and Education) Committee shares its ideas and knowledge about how to grow and develop the certification program and its policies and procedures. Members develop a high-quality and diverse education program as well as identify topics and select top-notch speakers. Members of this committee have a direct impact on the NACE's national Experience conference education, online education programming, and webinars by brainstorming content ideas and themes and reviewing speaker proposals and presentations. 

Chair: Nicole Benvenutti, CPCE
Board Liaison: Jill Vidal-Raines, CPCE

Committee Members:
Lyndsey Bunn, CPCE
Chris Horace
Daniel Marin
Rajan Mistry
Morgan Montgomery, CPCE, CMP
Emma Partridge, CPCE
Doug Quattrini, CPCE
Monique Studak, Certified Sommelier, WSET 3, CSW


This committee will meet once a month or as needed.