Refer a Friend

Members like you can help us continue to build NACE membership by encouraging your colleagues and business connections to take their professional development and connections to the next level.

When a new member joins NACE and lists you as a referrer on their membership application, NACE will apply a $50 credit to your next membership renewal....for every new member you refer. The more people you refer, the more you save! Remember, your friend must list you as the referrer on the membership application.

Member Recruitment Kit

We’ve created sample emails and social posts for you to share with friends and colleagues.
Remember: Each Referral = $50 Credit.

Offer Rules and Restrictions:

  • Credits are earned for new Professional and Corporate members.
  • New members (or former members who have lapsed for more than one year) must list the referral at the time of application.
  • Credit may not exceed the amount of the dues fees associated with the member’s current dues category (i.e. credit stops accruing at $415 for Professional Members).
  • Unclaimed or extra referral credit may not be exchanged for cash or credit toward other NACE purchases.