Legacy Benefactor Society

A gift through your will or living trust is one of the most effective ways to pave the way for the future of The Foundation of NACE. You may wish to leave the Foundation:

  •  A stated dollar amount
  •  A percentage of your residual estate (what remains after debts, expenses, taxes, and specific bequests have been paid)
  •  A specific asset, such as securities or other marketable property

A gift to the Foundation in your will or living trust allows you to retain your assets during your lifetime. In addition, your estate, if large enough to pay estate taxes, would benefit from a charitable estate tax deduction.

Your attorney may request the following information:

  • Legal Name: The Foundation of NACE
  • Address: 10440 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 300, Columbia, MD  21044
  • Tax ID:  request
  • Nonprofit Status: 501C (3) not-for-profit corporation

This sample language may be of assistance:
“I give and bequeath to The Foundation of NACE, 10440 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 300, Columbia, MD  21044 {the sum of ___________ Dollars ($________)}
{_____% of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate}, to be used for its general charitable purposes.”

We hope that you will let us know when you have named the Foundation in your will or trust so that we may thank you and include you in our Legacy Benefactors Society.

Benefits of a gift through your will or trust:

  • Retain control of your assets during your lifetime
  • Support for the Foundations programs far into the future
  • Possible estate tax deduction

To notify us of your intention of a future gift through your will or living trust, please contact us at foundation@nace.net.


Hear from our Legacy Benefactors



“As I have navigated the years in our industry I am amazed at the talent and passion the next generations are bringing. When the legacy benefactor for the Foundation of NACE became an option I knew I had to leave my mark on the organization that molded me as a leader and a person. It is when a man is nearing his later years that he reflects on the decisions that he has made in his past and the legacy that he will leave and how he will be remembered. Leaving a legacy is not just about the money, it is about responsibility, humility, integrity, values, and the principals you stand for and the fingerprint you leave on individuals, organizations and the community has a whole.” — Linwood Campbell, CPCE, DFS