What's Your Inclusive Awareness Score

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What’s your inclusive awareness score?
Welcome to what I call “What’s your inclusive awareness score?”

Using a score of 1-10, test yourself on the following areas and find your inclusive score.

  1. Understand what an ally is?
  2. Describe the difference between diversity, inclusion, and equity.
  3. LGBTQIAS+: Can you name them all?
  4. Describe equality and equity.
  5. Do you understand pronouns and why we use them?

Did you get 50/50?

Inclusive Business Practices
How do you educate yourself about inclusive business practices?

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If you’re like most, your immediate reaction would be, “What?”

“Inclusive business practices,” how and where do you learn inclusive business practices?  

Essential information about inclusion and diversity that everyone in the service industry should know and understand.

As wedding and event professionals, we spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars elevating our brands above the rest. From photography cake decorating to wedding planning, we all like to seize the moment to take on additional educational opportunities.

Why? Like I said, it elevates your brand above the rest.

Regarding inclusive awareness, most people don’t know what they don’t know!

Diversity Education is Important
What about our education in people and the customers we serve, diversity, and creating an inclusive environment? Where was that subject in school or our career training?

Diversity education helps us understand all the different types of people we will come into contact with. Inclusion education helps us understand the actions we can take to make that happen, and everyone feels welcome.

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After all, we don’t want to serve only one type of couple; we wish to service all couples. We’re in the love and celebration business!

Creating Inclusive Environments Lead to More Referrals
Same-sex marriages have quadrupled over the past decade. There are an estimated eighty-thousand LGBTQIA2S+ weddings each year in the United States.

If you’re in the love business, I’m here to share with you that you’ll never experience the gratitude and appreciation from another couple in your wedding career as you will from an LGBTQIA2S+ couple. Let’s talk about referrals!

The majority of LGBTQIAS+ individuals will seek referral for most, if not all services. The hassle of dealing with anything less than inclusive is simply not worth the time. 

Please read and learn about inclusive awareness repeatedly. As the world evolves, so do people. We will continue to create safe places and an inclusive environment for everyone.

Always seek the answer to what you do not understand.


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Ric Simmons
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