Welcome from 2023 Foundation of NACE President Dana Blaugrund, CPCE

Dana Blaugrund CPCEDear NACE Members, Foundation Trustees and Hospitality Professionals,

Wow!  I can hardly believe I’m writing this message.  I still remember the excitement of graduating in 2001 and diving into the advertising field.  Unfortunately, September 11th happened and my hopes of being an advertising executive vanished.  Not long after, my parents asked me “what’s your plan now?” and I didn’t know how to respond.  On a whim, I attended my first NACE meeting with a caterer my grandfather previously worked for, and after that meeting I knew the answer to my parent’s question.

For the past 20 years, NACE has been my professional ‘family’.  I am so grateful for the support I received, and still receive, from the NACE members at the Dallas Fort Worth meetings and at the NACE conferences and events I attend.  These amazing people helped shape me into the catering and event professional and business leader I am today. They trusted me, stood behind me, and cheered me on along the way.  The knowledge, skills, and ever-important connections they provided allowed me to accomplish professional goals and advance my career in ways I never would have imagined.

That’s why I am so honored and humbled to begin my term as President of the Foundation of NACE, an organization committed to supporting others the way I have been so generously supported.

Thanks to NACE members like you, last year the Foundation was able to fund nearly $40,000 in member scholarships and chapter support.  Since 2008, the Foundation has given more than $300,000 in financial support, and we remain committed to ensuring this support continues well into the future.  To that end, we have invested an additional $20,000 into our endowment fund which brings us one step closer to meeting our $1,000,000 goal.

The work you do, the commitment to excellence you display, and the generosity you provide remind us of the importance of the Foundation of NACE.  You give us strength and inspiration to aim higher and dream bigger.  We cannot thank you enough.

I look forward to working with our Trustees, NACE National, our donors, our national volunteers, Impact Management Company, and the NACE staff in serving our strong, vibrant community as we move forward together.

On behalf of the Foundation, we wish you the best for a successful and eventful 2023.  Please know that, just like those members who stood behind me, as well as the Foundation leaders before me, we stand behind you today and tomorrow, wherever your path may lead.

All my best,

Dana Blaugrund, CPCE
2023 Foundation of NACE President