“Til’ Death Do Us Part: 3 Simple Ways You As A Wedding Planner Can Increase Your Couples Success Rate!


As the incredible wedding planner that you are, you want to ensure your couple's big day is one of the happiest of their lives! But you don’t want their joy to end the minute they walk down the aisle, you want to see their love last a lifetime! But is there anything you can do to help make that happen? There is! Below are three simple ways you can actually increase the long-term success rate of your couples. A flawless big day and a love that lasts happily ever after? Something tells me that after implementing these techniques, your calendar will be booked solid!

be their fearless leader

Be Their Fearless Leader 

Everyone knows planning a wedding can be stressful but did you know wedding day doubts and debacles can actually follow couples beyond their big day? The stress, fears, and fights that can come up around a wedding can cause a major impact on the couple’s long-term relationship. 

But as their wedding planner, you can actually lower the chances of wedding day discord simply by doing what you do best! Your couples look to you not just as a planner, but as their guide, their fearless leader as they walk down the aisle and across the threshold into the unknown. 

Caterers, flower arrangements, and booking wedding venues aren’t the only new things your couples are navigating, the stress of the pending nuptials, the thought of long-term commitment, and the usual pre-wedding jitters are also probably new territory to them.  And those internal stressors can easily manifest into external problems. It can explain why a bride or groom might explode over drooping roses, or come unglued over unmatched place settings. Usually, when there is a big reaction to a small trigger there is a lot more at play under the surface. 

Basically, these couples are looking to you, for more than just sprucing up the flower arrangements, they are looking to you for assurance. So your demeanor around these minor mishaps can actually help calm the stormy seas of a couple’s internal struggles! Hard to believe that by simply calmly sprucing up some greenery you can help couples' long-term success rate but the key here is… if you are not worried, then they won’t be either! If you seem calm, cool, and collected, then they will follow your lead. It’s kind of like on an airplane during turbulence, if the pilot and crew appear calm, the passengers will be too. So if you appear calm and centered even when the caterers are late, the liquor shipment is delayed and the centerpieces are a nightmare, then the couples will be too. If the pair's upcoming nuptials are portrayed as a fun and exciting event as opposed to something stressful and worrisome then their internal fears can be reassured as well.

Generally speaking, couples do not need any more stress on their pre-wedding plate, so just by doing what you do best, planning a beautiful and stress-free (or at least relatively so) event, you can ensure a couple’s smooth transition from bachelorhood to happily married, and beyond! 

But even so, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help from a friend! And one great way to prevent some of those wedding day jitters from showing up in displaced places is by setting your couples up with Pre-Marital Consultation sessions! That way the relationship stressors stay right where they belong, in the hands of an expert! And of course, it’s another great way you

set your couples up for success


Set Your Couples Up For Success 

Because you want to see your couples through their big day..and beyond, one of the best things you can do is set them up with a Pre Marital Consultation. Pre-marital Consultation can increase a couple's success rate by a whopping 30%! Simply by attending a few sessions pre-wedding day, a couple’s chances of long-term success go through the roof! 

By referring to or partnering with someone who offers the service, or even including it in your own wedding packages you can encourage your couples to build foundations in their relationship that will last a lifetime! You can partner with a person offering the service by offering discount codes, special offers, etc. there are so many fun and creative ways you can be sure your couples don’t miss out on this important aspect of their wedding planning. 

Pre Marital Consultation helps couples work through their pre-wedding jitters, learn effective communication and conflict resolution, and can provide them with deep insights into themselves, their partner, and their relationship as a whole. It is setting their marriage up for success before they even say “I Do!” 

Besides, remember how in Tip 1 we talked about the way wedding jitters can show up in unfortunate places, like being yelled in your caterer's face… yikes. Well, Pre Marital Consultation cuts way down on the number of internal relationship-based worries that turn into external non-related meltdowns. Which makes your job(and everyone’s job) just a little bit easier. When the couples have a safe and neutral space to talk about their concerns and work through any stress or emotions, then the chances of those things coming up in other ways, are a lot less. So no big blowups that can affect their relationship(or your job), and a foundation of communication that can last a lifetime?  No need to throw the bouquet, you know Pre Marital Consultation is the next big thing to be walking down wedding aisles everywhere! 

Keep The Spark Alive By Sending Follow Up’s


Keep The Spark Alive By Sending Follow Up’s 

So you’ve gotten them through the big day. You’ve been their fearless leader, you referred them to Pre-Marital Consultations, and they have successfully made it down the aisle and through the “I Do’s.” Surely that’s all you can do to ensure their path to success right? Actually there is one more thing you can do even post-wedding that will help give your couples one last boost of long-term success! 

One of the top indicators of a successful marriage is a couple’s ability to remember and reminisce about the good times and happy moments in their relationship; first dates, trips, special occasions, and of course, wedding days! These types of memories are essential in helping couples keep the love alive and strong even during the less happy times in their relationship. In fact, experts say that when a couple cannot even remember big events like their first date or wedding day with fondness, then divorce is usually right around the corner. Yikes!  

But you can keep your clients remembering the good times with a glowing reminder of their big day, whether it’s a photo, a memory, a “happy anniversary” or a  “thank you” note. Not only does it help you stand out from a lot of the other wedding planners out there but it actually can help your couple’s marriages in the long term! Talk about something to celebrate!

Not to mention it has the added bonus of keeping you and your awesome work, on your client’s mind. Perhaps your glowing reminder arrives just as a friend of theirs gets engaged, what a perfect segway into a new client couple! 

There are lots of great reasons to send your client's follow-ups, but if it also helps their vows last a lifetime… well that’s just a fairytale ending! 

By implementing these three tips, you can ensure your couples not only enjoy an amazing and stress-free wedding day but that they have all they need to start a love that lasts a lifetime! And that is certainly something to celebrate! 



Bethany is an LA-based author, freelance writer, and relationship expert. She is the writer, owner, and founder of the book and brand Apologies I Never Got LLC and the creator of the Written In The Stars Relationship Sessions. Check out her website www.bethanynicole.com to book or partner with her, and follow her on Instagram @bethanynicoleauthor