Pandemic Postponements: How To Refresh And Renew Burnt Out Couples And Weddings For 2022

Well, that was a doozy. While the pandemic hit a lot of industries hard, the wedding industry was brought almost to a grinding halt. Venues were closed, dates postponed and some marriages were even called off altogether! Yikes.  So what does that mean for the soonly-weds whose weddings were pushed into the oblivion of limbo again and again? It means they are tired; tired, burnt out, and probably far less enthusiastic than when they agreed to this whole wedding thing in the first place! 

But not to worry, because while the couple’s feet may be weary there are some great ways you can help them to start feeling footloose and fancy-free again! 

Married couple with man in suit and woman in beautiful gown surrounded by beautiful trees

1. Spruce Things Up 

Things change! So why fight it? If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em as they say. Some couples have been waiting for two years or more since first planning their big day so it’s possible a little(or a lot) has changed! For example, maybe the couple originally wanted classic white roses but after everything that’s happened would really love some fresh-faced summer daisies instead! Why not? Or maybe instead of demure tea candles the couple springs for bold full-length candles…in blue! There could be all kinds of great ways to spruce up a wedding plan that has been sitting on the shelf for two years(or more!)  But not only is it a great time to renew and refresh but also to re-assess. 

A lot of people came out of the pandemic with vastly different priorities than what they had going into it, and that can be reflected in their big day as well! A couple could decide they are fine with some less expensive centerpieces in exchange for being able to include a few more guests to the guest list, or maybe that million-dollar wedding dress just doesn’t seem as important as spending more on catering to ensure the guests have a good time. So whether the changes are big or small, from roses to daisies or from centerpieces to guests giving the wedding plans a refresh can help couples feel connected to and excited about their upcoming nuptials all over again!   

Couple in counseling session

2. Set The Couples Up For Success

Two years of lockdown is enough to cause even the strongest of couples to feel a little off-balanced and few relationships made it through the pandemic unscathed completely. While some couples did come out of it with an “if we can get through this we can get through anything” attitude, the majority came out with a less than certain feeling. Long stretches of quarantine and big emotions can sometimes lead to big fights among the couples, which while normal, could be making them question if a long-term commitment to this person, is really the best choice. Or perhaps their confidence was shaken by seeing friends or family members in what appeared to be solid relationships, that then crumbled under the weight of the stressful pandemic. These are all valid emotions but they are not emotions the couple necessarily wants following them down the aisle. But a few Pre-marital Consultation sessions can work wonders in helping couples work through those big emotions and concerns. And not only that, Pre-Marital Consultation helps couples create connection, communication, and conflict resolution skills that will last them their whole marriage long! Yes, come what may! These sessions can help couples make their relationships..pandemic proof! Ok, hopefully, there won’t be another global event quite like the last one, but you never know! And even if the future doesn’t hold pandemic-level upheavals, marriage, and life, can come with a lot of big events and stressors. So making sure the relationship can go the distance, is definitely worth the investment for couples!  

3. Rekindle Their Spark

Quarantine and vaccinations, and nasal swabs, oh my! None of these things are particularly conducive to romance and don’t exactly make couples swoon. And even if couples did come out of the pandemic still very much committed to each other and their pending nuptials, it is possible they aren’t feeling that spark of excitement, or romance that caused them to want to tie the knot in the first place. But one of the small things you as a planner can do to elicit big results for a couple is creating a “Memories Table.”  Enlist the help of their family and friends and make a table of keepsakes, photos, and memories of the couple that helps tell their story from the first date to “I do” and everything in between! Helping couples remember the good times in their relationship, can help re-ignite the spark and remind them why they wanted to commit to each other, to begin with! I’ve seen tables with everything from movie ticket stubs, to selfie booth photos to vacation keepsakes, even a proposal video on loop.  There are so many fun and creative ways the table can tell the story of the couple, and it’s such a great way for couples to rekindle the spark that may have dwindled ever so slightly under the pandemic stress.   

The pandemic affected a lot of things, but one thing it doesn’t have to is love! So make sure your couple’s big day stays centered around what’s most important.  By implementing these three simple tips, your clients' wedding is sure to stay centered around what matters most...them!



Bio: Bethany is an LA-based author, freelance writer, and relationship expert. She is the writer, owner, and founder of the book and brand Apologies I Never Got LLC and the creator of the Written In The Stars Relationship Sessions. Check out her website to book or partner with her, and follow her on Instagram @bethanynicoleauthor