Maximizing Creative Partner Relationships in 2023

As we prepare for 2023, now’s the perfect time to reflect on how to boost your industry standing and ensure your business thrives during peak and off-seasons. Whether you're new to the events world or an experienced entrepreneur, one fact is certain – building relationships with creative partners is a must. When you establish a strong rapport with your colleagues, you can expect friendships with a side of growth opportunities.

In addition, connecting with a like-minded community is vital for sustainability and resilience. Our industry is not designed for flying solo! Instead, it consists of a collaborative process of bringing the best talents together to create memorable experiences for clients.

However, it all starts with you taking the first step to foster meaningful vendor relationships. So if you're ready to make a splash in the new year, here are some tips to strengthen your bonds with creative partners in 2023.

online presence

Create an active online presence

If your calendar is too full to attend speaking engagements, there are plenty of ways to establish relationships with creative partners. For instance, showing up online is a great way to maintain relevancy and allow others in the industry to get to know you. Do you have a blog, newsletter, or social media page? You can curate content with your expertise to become a leading figure online.

Remember that your social media content can stretch beyond your brand as well. For example, you can shout out your favorite vendors on Instagram and share photos of their work. A public message of support is a simple yet effective way to strengthen professional relationships while maintaining an active social media presence.

Outside social platforms, go the extra mile by emailing your colleagues to connect with them. Find out what's new in their business and how you can cheer them on. People always appreciate a little support, and sending a personal note is a kind gesture that will leave a mark!

Become a familiar face in person

Familiarity begins by getting seen. Beyond online visibility, showcase your expertise at educational events and speaking engagements. While maintaining online engagement is key to building bridges and staying top-of-mind, it also packs a powerful punch when creative partners see you in person.

If you get invited to attend or speak at an event, take advantage of these opportunities to network and leave a positive impression on your colleagues. Not only will you be on their radar, but you can set yourself apart from other event professionals by sharing your unique perspective.

Of course, if you're in the beginning stages of building your business's reputation, you don't have to take the stage to increase visibility. Instead, starting online conversations and actively searching for networking events can help you develop strong bonds with industry leaders. Plus, you may invite exciting opportunities by being open and friendly!


Show your vendors some love


Show your vendors some love

Few things feel better than when someone acknowledges our hard work. Kind words are one thing, but think about how it feels to receive a gift from a colleague. Such a thoughtful gesture reminds us of the importance of what we do. When cultivating relationships with creative partners, generosity goes a long way. Whether it’s a handwritten letter or a gift card, your recipient will certainly appreciate the sentiment!

If you're struggling to figure out what gift to send, you can always share content or resources to assist others with their business efforts — for example, a free webinar or an informative guide. In addition, you could invite them to a speaking engagement or local event that you know would support their goals.

When it comes to making a splash in the event industry, it's all about growing your connections and nurturing your relationships. As we head into 2023, make it a priority to get to know your creative partners so that you can open doors of opportunities, friendship, and an abundance of success.


Kevin Dennis is the editor of WeddingIQ and the owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services, a full-service event company based in Livermore, California. Dennis is the Immediate Past President of WIPA