Designing Corporate Events with Comfort in Mind

As the year is coming to an end, we’re all feeling some level of stress. Heightened stress levels, restlessness, and other mental health issues have been brewing for a long time, but the pandemic and civil unrest of recent years have brought these issues to the forefront.

Individuals are taking more control of their physical and mental health and prioritizing them. Believe it or not, as a planner, you can help them by making comfort a priority at your next event. CORT Events has a few tips to guide you on doing this.

How the Events Industry Benefits from the Rise in Wellness Culture

Wellness has become a $1.5 trillion dollar industry. From vitamins and herbal supplements to smartphone apps for fitness and mindfulness, it seems like everyone is now more focused on maintaining their personal wellness in some way. Because of this availability and mass acceptance, wellness is more than a fad — it’s become a culture. Therefore, it’s important to look for ways to incorporate wellness into the experience you’re curating for eventgoers.

Creating a Comfortable Atmosphere for Events

To contribute to the balance and wellness of individuals, it’s best to look to ways to incorporate comfort. When planning a corporate meeting or event on behalf of an organization, consider taking some inspiration from any updates or retrofits happening within your client's workplace that focus on this very subject. Because these modifications are intended to help employees experience a heightened sense of value within their organization, and lower stress, prioritizing comfort can be a win-win for everyone involved.

Adding Comfort to Your Events

Your event is an experience, and adding elements of comfort to the event helps you optimize it. Whether your corporate client's goals are to boost brand identity and reputation,

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increase sales, strengthen company culture, or some other objective, comfort can help them achieve this.

Don’t think of this as something that should be designated to one part of an event space. Elements of comfort can be shared throughout a space while tying any theme together and making attendees feel at home no matter what room they’re in. Consider escape rooms where eventgoers can escape the noise and crowds for quick check-ins with the home office, emails, quiet time, or reflection.

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Soothing Colors, Textures, and Patterns

It may sound elementary, but the colors, textures, and patterns within a space are an immediate way to enhance the level of comfort. Cool colors like blue, green, and purple are soothing and comfortable, while yellow brings feelings of comfort and energy. Whites and pastels can also soothe and comfort attendees.

Discernible patterns in natural and manmade elements also suggest comfort. Use drapery, accessories, and other decor elements to bring pleasing colors, textures, and patterns to your next event.

Comfortable Furniture

There was a time when the only furniture you could get for a large event was banquet chairs and tables. Now there are so many options available at your fingertips, and you can optimize for comfort by choosing the right pieces. Furniture is a major part of your event space, and opting for cozy and comfortable furniture can make your attendees feel at ease, happy, and relaxed for the event and for networking and conversation before and afterward.

Soft seating can be both stylish and cozy in any event space, and you can find chairs that match any type of event — even in posh velvet. Comfy ottomans give you options for extra seating or for guests to prop their feet up, and there’s nothing more customizable and configurable than modular sofas.

Using CORT Events to Optimize Comfort

A comfortable space requires more than an event chair rental company. You might think that you need to find multiple sources to help you achieve a comfortable and inviting event space, but you only need one: CORT Events. Not only will you find plenty of ideas that help you achieve comfort and wellness within your event space, but you’ll also find tons of other creative and inspiring ideas.

Give CORT Events a call or check us out online the next time you’re ready to put an event on your calendar. What better partner to have on your side when planning your events?