Create Visual Appeal with Color Blocking

One of the hottest fashion trends of 2022 was color blocking, and like so many other trends, this has made its way from the world of fashion to the sphere of interior design and event design.

Blocks of color bring personality and texture into a space and create a sophisticated sense of style. Although it may sound simple on the surface, color blocking is more strategic than simply finding colors that don’t naturally match and putting them together.

Color blocking isn’t just for the home — you can make this fun, and eye-catching trend works for events as well. Put wall colors, furniture, and accessories together to create a memorable look at your next event. 

Here are some tips and practical ways CORT Events can help you make color blocking happen at your next event.

A Principle of Color Blocking

One of the main purposes of color blocking is to bring joy and vibrancy into a space. Combinations that we associate with holidays are good examples of color blocking, but they also demonstrate how some colors don’t always work well together. Think about red and green — those are perfect colors for Christmastime, but you may not want to use them beyond this time of year. 

Instead, consider using neutral colors to tie contrasting blocks of color together. Neutral tones like whites, grays, and natural colors enhance the color-blocking effect by creating relief from it.

Color Block with the Right Furniture Pieces

Photo Credit: Harmland Visions, LLC | Designers: Shannon Tarrant (WeddingVenueMap) & Shadow Anderson (The Chaos Coordinator)

While you may be limited in your space regarding wall colors, color blocking can always start with furniture. One of the best ways to start your color-blocking journey is with soft seating. For example, at the NACE Experience 2022, CORT Events chose the Allegro Sofa in an appealing shade of blue. This pairs well with soft pinks, bold reds, natural greens, and even dark, rusty orange tones. 

The Chandler Chair in regal purple, pictured above, is the perfect pairing with upscale gold tones, shimmering greens, and even dramatic black or gray. 

Putting Accessories to Best Use 

It’s not just furniture that can make your events shine with color blocking — accessories and decorative items can contribute to these exciting effects as well. Throw pillows are a terrific way to add contrasting colors to pieces of furniture. 

Photo Credit: Todd Rothstein Photography

The Splendor Pillow in green with purple and black accents looks amazing on blue, purple, or orange seating, while the Shimmer Pillow in red gives both texture and bold color against black, blue, or even green sofas or chairs.

Rugs can bring contrast to a space in unique ways. For example, the Infinity Rug, with its invigorating green and white pattern, pairs well with darker blues and purples. 

Additionally, contrasting colors of drapery or lighting can help you achieve the color-blocking effect you want along with plants to create blocks of green to contrast with other colors in your event space as well.

Bringing It All Together with CORT Events

The best way to create a memorable experience at your events with color blocking is with CORT Events - your one-stop source.

Whether you already have a bold vision for your event or need some inspiration, CORT Events can help you with creative ideas and space planning tools. From timeless pieces to modern looks that make a statement, you’ll find the perfect pieces to achieve your desired look. When you’re ready to create a vibrant look with color blocking for your event, CORT Events is just a click or call away.