Burst with Color: Bright Event Furniture Ideas

One of the biggest trends in fashion and design in 2022 has been “dopamine dressing.” Designers and social media influencers have used this hot concept to incorporate bright colors into clothing styles and rooms. The idea comes from color theory and suggests that certain colors can evoke specific moods, attitudes, and behaviors.

In this article, CORT Events looks at how you can incorporate dopamine dressing into your events and successfully bring bright colors that drive certain feelings into your design.

Go Bright with Yellow

Photo Credit: Evan Carbotti

Yellow is a cheerful, bright hue that suggests happiness. No wonder we associate it with warm memories of summer sunshine. You may not want yellow as a dominant color, but you can evoke the happiness and joy that it brings by using it as an accent color within an overall bright spring color palette. Seating elements like the Bowery Chair and the Beverly Bench bring large pops of bright summer colors into a space.

If you want to bring yellow into your event in a more subtle way, the Regent Pillow pops with warm yellow and works well with less bright furniture pieces like the Cordoba Loveseat or the Endless White Vinyl Sofa.

Bring in High-Energy with Orange

Event By: Arrangements Unlimited | Photo Credit: Todd Rothstein Photography

Orange evokes excitement and energy. Take a subtle approach to use this color by mixing it with brown hues like the Valencia Chair, which pairs nicely with the Valencia Sofa

Bright-colored rugs like the Nile Rug are a terrific way to bring in pops of orange, especially with neutral pieces like the Sterling Sofa. Orange also works well with natural pieces like the Mesa Cocktail Table with Barnwood Top or the Timber Table, particularly when you incorporate more rugged accessories like the Frayed Lumbar Pillow in Spice Orange.

Create a Sense of Royalty with Purple

One color with a long-established association is purple. From ancient times, purple has symbolized mystery, royalty, and imagination. You can use purple as a sophisticated, luxurious way of bringing in bright winter colors.

Photo Credit: Evan Carbotti

For instance, the Chandler Chair and the Beverly Small Bench Ottoman in Lavender provide a striking contrast to the Cloud Table, while the Marche Swivel Ottoman in Plum pairs beautifully with the Munich Sofa and Loveseat.

Find Peace with Pink

Pink may be the perfect mood-boosting color at a time when things in the world still feel uncertain. It romances us with feelings of calmness and kindness. Pink is a versatile hue as well, equally at home in a bright color palette or a more muted environment — so don’t be afraid of it.

Photo Credit: CORT Events/ Wilkinson Rhodes and Jerry Hayes Photography

Take advantage of the curved furniture trend by pairing the Endless Powered Large Curve High Back Sofa with more geometric pieces in shades of pink like the Beverly Bench Ottoman in fuchsia. The Chandler Sofa Geo Group, which combines a modern rosy sofa with a bold geometric gold and glass coffee table, pairs well with earthy, natural colors like what you find in the Capri Sofa.

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