3 Reasons Why Adding A Pre-Marital Consultation Component Is a Win-Win For You and Your Couples

The seating setup is perfect, the flowers are flawless, the decor is to die for, and yet… something is off. There is a palpable vibe in the air. You notice it, the guests notice it, and yet you can’t quite put your finger on it. 

It’s happened to many a wedding and event planner. Because here’s the thing, you can plan every detail of a perfect wedding, but the one thing you can’t control is the chemistry between the couple, and if that is off, trust me, it shows! 

Basically, you can lead a horse to water by planning a picture-perfect wedding, but if the soonly- weds aren’t seeing eye to eye or are harboring fear and doubt,  you can’t make them drink in the joy of their wedding. And I can pretty much guarantee that if they don’t enjoy it, neither their guests nor you will! 

But that’s where what I do can come in so handy! 

My name is Bethany Nicole, and I am an LA-based author, freelance writer, and relationship expert. I specialize in helping individuals and couples create the love lives they desire. I work with couples in my relationship sessions on everything from releasing resentment to building strong communication. I utilize various methods, including astrology, Love Languages, Attachment Theory, and more. 

The couples walk away with a deeper understanding, a strong foundation, and long-lasting love. But why would you want to add a Pre-Marital Consultation component to your package or as a referral? I’m so glad you asked! 

1. Take Your Weddings Over The Top

over the top wedding


Some weddings just have it. A certain “je ne sais quois” that makes them unforgettable. Have you ever been to one with that special something you just couldn’t put your finger on? You know it wasn’t the flower arrangements because they were deplorable. You know it wasn’t the catering because  I mean, whoever heard of finger sandwiches for dinner? It wasn’t any single detail of the wedding you could put your finger on…because it was actually the happy glow of a couple in love that gave you all those feels. 

I know it sounds a bit cliche, but think about it. If the food sucked, the flowers reeked, and the champagne was flat, yet you were still having the time of your life, then there must be something else going on, right? A different vibe in the air? Well, there is. And I’m here to tell you what it is. The glow comes from a couple’s deep connection, trust, and communication. It is the foundation of a long-lasting and happy relationship that really shines during a wedding ceremony. And Pre-Marital Consultation can help create that for your couples…and you! It can help make your weddings the type where people walk away feeling inspired. Inspired to fall in love, inspired to be happy, and inspired to look up your name and hand it out to their friends. 

Because I’m willing to bet you are the kind of wedding planner who makes sure the champagne is bubbly, and the flowers are flawless. So imagine your excellent wedding planning skills, combined with my ability to help couples connect on a deeper level. 

Talk about weddings of the century! Your weddings will be the ones that no one can stop talking about or booking you for! 

But glowing wedding ceremonies isn’t the only reason you should add a Pre-Marital Consultation to your event plan. You also want to enjoy your job(and your life). 

happy wife happy life

2. Happy Wife, Happy Life

If the couple isn’t happy...no one will be happy. Not you, not the caterer, not the guests, not the florist that just got yelled at for half an hour... no one. There’s a reason this saying exists, my friends, and trust me, we want the couple to be happy. 

But planning a perfect wedding around a not-so-perfect relationship is like a band-aid holding back a dam. That band-aid will break at some point, and let us all hope it is not during the middle of the ceremony.  

Planning a wedding can be stressful for couples and can bring up doubts, insecurities, and stress levels that can push relationships to the brink. But that’s why we are here; consultants help bring them back to the center. If a relationship has made it to the altar, then chances are there are probably some good things going inside of it, and consultants can help couples focus on those, not the stressors of the planning. Pre-Marital Consultation can help them keep their sanity and love during an incredibly stressful time so that none of that anger gets displaced on you, the event, or the helpful staff just trying to put it all together. 

So keep your couples happy, keep your staff happy and keep yourself happy! Help guide your soonly-wed’s to a neutral space to work out their worries, jitters, and disconnections. 


3. Launch Your Couples Past The “I Do” 

It’s happened to many a wedding and event planner. You plan the perfect event, execute it flawlessly, and think you’ve sent the couple off on their happily ever after. Then you get the news. A follow-up survey, e-mail, or social media post breaks the news of the couple’s impending divorce. It's heartbreaking. Both for the couple and for you. 

But what if I told you that you could decrease the chances of that happening and increase the chance of the couple’s success…by 40%! In a society where the divorce rate is already at 50%, increasing the couple's success rate by that amount, now that’s a happily ever after! 

And you can, by recommending or adding a Pre-Marital Consultation Component to your pre-wedding repertoire. Pre Marital Consultation has been proven to increase a couple’s chance of long-term success by 40%, which can, in turn, increase your success. Happy couples make happy referrals. Happy couples who are both happy and couples for longer make even more referrals. 

Plus, you get the bonus of knowing one little action on your part, a simple referral, or even adding it to your wedding package, helped your couples keep their wedding day bliss going for lifetimes long! What a coup for you! And what a great thing for your pair. 

Having a neutral person who can help sort through some of a pair’s disconnects and help facilitate their reconnects is something that can build lifelong changes and foundations for couples. It’s a simple act that holds tremendous results! 

So ensure your couples walk away with a wedding they will never forget and a marriage that will last a lifetime. Add a Pre-Marital Consultation component or referral to your wedding packages and watch your couples and your business thrive! 



 Bethany is an LA-based author, freelance writer, and relationship expert. She is the writer, owner, and founder of the book and brand Apologies I Never Got LLC and the creator of the Written In The Stars Relationship Sessions. Check out her website www.bethanynicole.com to book or partner with her, and follow her on Instagram @bethanynicoleauthor