2022 Pride Month Spotlight: Ric Simmons

  Ric Simmons

Q: How long have you been a member of NACE? What drew you to NACE?

A: Joined Houston NACE, then moved and joined Palm Springs and now San Diego. Three years + as a NACE member


Q: What does Pride Month mean to you?

A: Having the LGBTQ+ community seen and heard and hopefully opening up the opportunity for constructive conversations.


Q: What do you think people can do this Pride Month to raise awareness about important issues that impact the global LGBTQ+ community in the catering and events industry?

A: Awareness and visibility. Understanding the importance of visibility to LGBTQ+ couples in the wedding and event industry. A rainbow on your Instagram, and an LGBTQ+ couple on your website. Writing a diversity statement and publishing it on your website or business brochures.