2023 AAPI Month Spotlight: Lynn Graham CPCE

Lynn Graham CPCEHow long have you been a member of NACE? What drew you to NACE?
11 years. I attended many different association events when I first started, but was immediately drawn to NACE because it is a nationally recognized, open group that has members from all different parts of the events industry. Since I'm a stationer, I liked how the members were not just in catering and events and planning :) 

What do you hope to see for the Asian community in events, in the coming years?
I hope to see our AAPI Caucus grow and be the Nation's leading AAPI hospitality group that promotes the retention, recruitment, support and advancement of AAPI people in our industry. I hope our community grows and we can educate more AAPI students to join our amazing industry. There are so many facets in the AAPI community that people don't know about, so I hope in the future we can share more of our history and knowledge to make everyone a better industry professional.

How has NACE helped your career and business?
I owe all of my career to NACE. When I first started my custom stationery business, I was encouraged to join and consistently attend. I made sure I stayed on top of everyone's mind whenever anyone thought of stationery. I like to consider my membership and my advertising budget, because I actively network for referrals and learn so much about our members at our monthly events. My time on the board has helped me develop leadership skills and learn the importance of team work. As a stationer, I mostly work alone and with remote contractors, so being part of NACE and our local board has given me confidence, a sense of community, and forever friends/colleagues.

What Asian figure inspires you and why?
All Asian figures inspire me! Seeing AAPI figures in the news, movies, arts, business, anywhere...inspire me because I can relate to them and they look like me! If I had to pick one, it would be Fu Pei-mei. She's a Taiwanese chef and my mom and I would watch her show a lot when I was little :)

What is one activity or dish from your Asian culture you think everybody should try? 
Zongzi. It's delicious glutinous rice (sticky rice) wrapped in bamboo leaves and filled with dried mushrooms, egg yolk, pork, peanuts, red beans and all different fillings! My mom is an expert at making it and tying the string around the bamboo leaves to make it a little bundle. I love watching her do it and hope that one day I can do it too!