2022 Pride Month Spotlight: Shannon Tarrant

 Shannon Tarrant

Q: How long have you been a member of NACE? What drew you to NACE?

A: 3 years. The local community but still supported by national resources was why I joined NACE. 


Q: What does Pride Month mean to you?

A: Pride month is an opportunity for the LGBTQ+ community to shine and receive the outpouring of support, visibility and renewed awareness that they deserve.


Q: What do you think people can do this Pride Month to raise awareness about important issues that impact the global LGBTQ+ community in the catering and events industry?

A: As someone who works primarily in the wedding industry, I am constantly reminding my fellow event pros to say couple instead of bride and groom and replace the word bridal with wedding. It's the subtle reminder right on the spot that those words aren't inclusive that will lead to more change.