NACE One Awards

Meet the NACE One Awards Nominees 
Every year, the NACE One Awards recognizes excellence by creative catering and event professionals responsible for executing one of a kind events. Awards are given to individuals and chapters that demonstrate planning, production, and execution of spectacular events. For each of the categories below, NACE judges select ONE winner, will you be THE ONE?

Your submission will be showcased at the NACE Awards Gala at the 2018 NACE Experience Conference in Palm Springs, California and you might be the ONE that takes home the trophy!

Key Dates & Info 

Awards Entry Deadline – Deadline passed!
Nomination List Announced  
The NACE One Awards Gala –  July 24, 2018

2017 NACE One Winners

Award Categories
Industry Rockstars - 
Industry awards allow you to credit members of the team that contributed to your event. Each team member included in the submission will receive an award.

Outstanding Members  Awesome Chapters   Entry Fees:
  • Member Awards: FREE
  • Chapter Awards: FREE
  • Industry Awards: $115 +
    • Individual Submission - $115
    • Team Fee (Applicant + 4 team members) - $575
    • Team Fee (Applicant + 3 team members) - $460
    • Team Fee (Applicant + 2 team members) - $345
    • Team Fee (Applicant + 1 team members) - $230

NEW FOR 2017!
New Awards Portal: NACE is proud to launch this year's program on the Award Force awards platform, featuring an improved user experience. To submit and access your entries, click here and create an account today. You will be able to save your work and edit your entries.  
Expanded Chapter Categories: NACE has expanded the subcategories of the chapter awards to better represent all chapter sizes. The new sub-categories break down as follows: 15-50 members, 51-100 member, and 101+ members. 
New Industry Award: NACE is excited to launch the new Best Event Photography of the Year, where NACE will recognize outstanding photography and the photographer’s artistic talents. Review the requirement here

2018 Awards Committee Chair: Karen Tucker, CPCE 
Staff Liaison: Jenna Goins