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Why Event Professionals Should Join Industry Organizations

It’s no secret that event professionals are some of the busiest people around. From the sales process, to business operations, to the actual planning and execution of an event, time just seems to fly. So, when it comes to joining industry organizations, you may wonder, “Do I really need to add something else to my plate?” (pun intended, catering folks!)

The reality is that these associations are a time investment with a huge payoff. The events industry has a flourishing community of organizations dedicated to helping their members thrive professionally. Let’s review the powerful ways that industry organizations benefit both event industry veterans as well as those just starting out.

Growing your Network

You know the saying: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Having a strong network of event business owners can make your life easier and your business stronger. Finding new suppliers, getting help in a jam, and bouncing around ideas with other professionals can be made easy when trusted professionals are just a friendly phone call away. Joining membership organizations like NACE is a great way to establish credibility with other industry pros and show them that you are someone they want to have in their network. Because these organizations understand just how valuable networking is, they are constantly seeking out new ways (like virtual hangouts) to put you in the best position to succeed.

Career and Recruiting Opportunities

Switching jobs has never been more common or expected in this day and age. While you might not currently be looking for something new, it never hurts to have access to the career centers and networking opportunities provided by industry-leading event organizations. When networking, you’ll meet many other event professionals who could offer you a position or could become a future partner. Set yourself up for success by growing your network now.

In addition, the same is true for you as a recruiter. When the time comes to grow your team, the time-consuming recruiting process could be made faster and easier if you have the right people in your network. You know and trust these people, and they’re chock full of industry knowledge. Additionally, utilizing the career centers of industry organizations can provide you with a credible and sought-after platform to vet qualified candidates.

Access to the Best Knowledge Banks

Managing the current state of your business is difficult enough without constantly worrying about changing trends and best practices. There are tons of resources on the internet (including Goodshuffle Pro’s growing resource hub!) but an organization curates the topics most relevant to your unique industry. Many membership organizations have staff dedicated to sharing information on industry trends, the best technology stacks, and performance-enhancing business practices. Taking advantage of their research is a great way to ensure that you are consuming accurate, value-adding material in a time-efficient manner.

They can also help you do a self-assessment of your business by drawing attention to important activities that might have fallen down your priority list (you only have so much time after all). With education being a cornerstone of most organizations, you can take advantage of virtual (and hopefully soon in-person) learning opportunities to grow the skills necessary to grow your business. By taking advantage of different certifications, you can accelerate your professional development with extremely well-respected industry designations.

In addition, you’ll also learn from the folks you’re networking with. The other event industry professionals who are part of these organizations bring decades of experience and knowledge to the table. When you learn from each other’s expertise, everyone is better off.

Finally, event organizations also have supplier lists and sponsors, which makes it much easier to find the right software, services, and other suppliers you may need. Speak with other event professionals to learn what they like and don’t like about the systems they use. Take advantage of the resources around you to make the best possible decisions for your business.

The Power of Event Organizations

Joining leading event organizations gives you access to a strong network of experienced event professionals. You establish credibility, connect with and learn from like-minded individuals, and receive access to helpful business and industry resources. Many seasoned event professionals’ biggest regret is not joining an organization sooner. Get started today and watch as your network and business grow.

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Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon has spent her career growing event and technology companies through consultative sales and strategic growth strategies. She’s developed client and brand experiences for companies such as LivingSocial and Surprise Ride (as seen on Shark Tank). Now, as the Senior Vice President at Goodshuffle Pro, she combines her love of both events and technology to drive the company’s growth in revolutionizing the event rental, design, and production industries with modern technology. She’s the NACE National Business Development Committee Chair for 2019 and 2020 and speaks nationally about events, event tech, and business strategy

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