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What insurance does my catering or event business need?

As a member of the catering and events industry, you make things happen. Those events, celebrations, memories you create? Well, they aren’t possible without your skill, diligence, attention to detail and, most importantly, reliability. Therefore, any unforeseen incident that could disrupt your hard-earned reputation should be mitigated. So how do you protect yourself and make sure your business continues to grow?

A thoughtful, comprehensive insurance strategy will protect your business and help you maintain the confidence you need to keep shining.

AP Intego offers specialized insurance packages for businesses like yours. Since you’re likely not an insurance expert, you’ll need help determining the insurance coverage or coverages best suited to your business.

The easiest place to start is with a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), which includes fundamental general liability and property coverages your business needs to operate with full confidence.  Not all BOPs are created equally, so understanding the most critical components and considerations outlined below should help you choose the best BOP for your business. Here are some basic coverages:

General Liability

What if, while catering a wedding your chocolate fountain malfunctions, molten chocolate spills over the side onto the floor and an unsuspecting guest slips and falls into a chocolate puddle, resulting in a twisted ankle and a ruined gown? You’ll need a general liability policy to cover any resulting claims and expenses from the disgruntled guest, for both medical consequences and damaged personal property.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) –

Your business is built on your good relationships and your recommendations are valuable currency, but things happen. Perhaps one of your bartenders at a high-end corporate event you’re catering overserves himself, makes highly inappropriate comments, and leads your client to hold you responsible for embarrassing her organization and seek damages? Enter, EPLI to the rescue. You’re equally mortified by this behavior, and can gracefully acknowledge the accidental indiscretion knowing you won’t be financially impacted by any claims associated with an unsavory employee.

Professional Liability

Ahhh, the anticipation of a summer clambake enlivens the senses. Fresh seafood is a delicacy, and, a requirement that can be dicey if you don’t live within an hour of an active port. But, your client is stubbornly affixed to the irony and caprice of serving seafood from a barbecue state. And then, despite your attempt to steer towards ribs and cornbread, the bounty of steamers and shrimp sits on the tarmac a touch too long en route to the fete? This has the potential to make your storied summer clambake an unwelcome memory.

If anyone gets sick from food poisoning, allergic reaction, or other foodborne illness, your general liability insurance will cover you. But, what if your client also demands reimbursement for tens of thousands in travel expenses to fly family in from all over the country? Professional liability insurance would protect you from claims of this nature. Often, this coverage is included within the general liability aspect of Business Owners’ Policies, but sometimes it isn’t, so you should certainly ask.

Inland Marine

Your business transports your goods and equipment from place to place and leaves it at locations you don’t own or lease, this is important. It happens every day, lots. A crew set up in your client’s rustic barn the night before and leave pricey equipment and offerings on location, ready to go for the next day. And then, the unfortunate early am call pierces your morning’s high expectations. The barn was stripped of everything in the wee hours, but, good news, the homeowner thinks you can file a claim that will cover you through his homeowner’s policy. Um, no, you can’t. You’ll need inland marine for your business to recover everything quickly and efficiently, and right this wrong before next weekend’s gig. It’s your livelihood, and inland marine is your sentry keeping watch.

You’ll feel confidently protected with our trusted insurance partner, AP Intego helping you deliberately think through and mitigate the risks specific to your business. Click here or call (888) 289-2939 to learn more.

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