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Week 5: 5 Black Caterers who were influential in the catering and events industry

Henry Jakes (1818-1881)
Baltimore, MD

Henry Jakes was the most widely known caterer in Baltimore at the time of his death in 1881. He at one time also ran a successful barbershop. Like his father and his son, Catering was in their blood. Throughout his career he was heavily in demand for events, both of a public and private nature. Every now and then he was called to Washington DC to cater to Senators, Ministers of faith, Congressmen and other dignitaries. Weddings became his mainstay. Described by Marylanders as the one best equipped to “furnish forth the marriage feast”. He also went as far a New York, at the summons of the posh Racket Club where the terrapin and other Maryland luxuries figured as the pride of the feast and of the epicurean host.

Famed for his stewed terrapin and oysters, he shipped these Chesapeake delicacies to Chicago and even California. Upon his death his son continued running the business, expanding his shipping of terrapins overseas to England.

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