New NACE Technology!

Important Update

As announced at the 2022 NACE Evolve Conference in January, we are excited to launch GlueUp, a new technology platform that will enhance your membership experience. Over the next few months, NACE will be rolling out the latest functionality, providing access to online communities, groups, networking, collaboration, education programs, member directories, and more!

Transition to this new web portal for members and customers is complete. Once you activate your new account, you’ll be able to customize your personal profile, share expertise in communities with other NACE members, register for events, and manage membership details.

Your old login information will no longer work – you must activate a new account.

Activating Your New Account
To activate your new account on GlueUp, please follow these steps:

  1. Register for your GlueUp account using your primary email address on file with NACE (if you do not know the primary email address you have on file, please send NACE staff a chat at or email
  2. Login to your current account and you will be taken to the new NACE National portal

Getting Started
One you’re logged into “My Glue”, you’ll be able to do the following:

  1. Complete your profile (displayed in the member directory)
  2. Join online communities and ongoing conversations
  3. Network online with members using direct messaging and chat
  4. Register for upcoming webinars, online courses, and events
  5. Manage your membership

Questions or Need Help?
For assistance logging in and getting started, please contact us at or through the live chat on

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