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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Working with a Temporary Staffing Company

The stage is set. Tables and chairs have arrived at the venue, chefs are frantically preparing their masterpieces, and the fresh smell of flowers hangs in the air. You’ve worked hard to make this event happen, but you know you couldn’t have done it without the dedicated and quality staff that makes up your team.

Often, companies, particularly those that are small staffed, find relief in hiring a specialized event staffing company to execute events. Here are the top 5 things to know when considering a temporary staffing company.

Understand the financial advantages

It’s not a full-time commitment. Temporary staff employees are not eligible for benefits and insurance with your company. This is handy when your needs are seasonal. This options also allows you to avoid having extra hours added on to your payroll increasing your full-time equivalency hours towards the Affordable Care Act.

Make sure it’s the right fit

Choose a staffing company that specializes in your industry. When you partner with the right company, you get access to talent you may not have had in the past. In fact, 90% of businesses stated that flexibility is the number one reason why they contract out their labor needs. Hey, sometimes it’s one of the best ways to find permanent employees that fit your company’s culture.

Don’t skimp on the background checks

Does the company you are going to use do background checks? Do you do background checks? In today’s litigious environment, employers are being held legally responsible for the wrongful acts of their employees. Pre-employment screening not only helps you avoid lawsuits based on negligent hiring, but also ensures that troubled applicants do not become employees. Pre-employment screening can be vital to your company’s overall success. Ignoring it or performing cheap, substandard searches can cost your company a lot more than the cost of a comprehensive screening process. Obviously, what you don’t know can hurt you!

Double-check the workers’ compensation codes

Make sure the company you are using has workers’ compensation insurance. The most important item to check with your staffing company of choice is that they are using the correct workers comp code for the position being hired for. Incorrect clerical codes can add up big time when it comes to the bottom line.

Know undocumented worker laws

Companies who contract with a third party, who uses undocumented workers, can be held liable, but did you know the company who hired the workers is just as liable? The growing variety and number
of business models and labor arrangements have made joint employment more common. A key point to remember is violating the rule in classifying people as an independent contractor is not the same as a W-2 employee.

Remember, the critical element in your relationship with a staffing firm is the quality of temporary employees and job candidates you receive. Reliance on a reputable and capable contract company can be an important management tool for your business. A little investigation and observation beforehand can save you time and money and result in a long-lasting business relationship

Joe Mahoney, CPCE
NACE Past-President

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