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Three Common Holiday Staffing Challenges & Solutions

The Holiday season is upon us! How can you prepare for common staffing challenges that happen this of time of year? I sat down with 3 experienced event professionals to learn how they solve issues surrounding lower staff availability and increased customer demand.  Here’s how each responded:

Challenge #1: Some resorts don’t have too many holiday parties during this season but have conferences that end right before Christmas. The staff of these resorts would rather not work that close to the holiday and/or on weekends with social functions and church events.

Solution: Keep a list of part-time employees that can fill in for shifts on short notice. Keeps you from running into overtime pay.

Challenge #2: Holiday Parties always fall on a peak day, Saturday, and staffing is a major challenge

Solution: Offering employees a monetary bonus for working and being available ALL Saturdays during the holidays.

Challenge #3: During the holidays staffing demands go up, we need to increase the quantity of employees to counteract the quality of work.

Solution: Investing money and resources to train senior managers & middle managers to delegate and provide guidance to lower-level team members. It’s a cost-effective way to use fully trained employees and every single team member.

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