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The State of the Wedding Industry in 2019

Who knows the wedding industry better than the editors of top wedding blogs and magazines? After all, editors are surrounded by gorgeous inspiration and fresh industry content throughout the year. They are exposed to regional, national, and often global wedding trends, which puts them in a unique position to understand both the perspectives of engaged couples and those of wedding professionals.

With that in mind, we spoke with editors from around the world to see what they foresee for 2019 in terms of content creation, client engagement, and business development.

Roberta Facchini Photography

Roberta Facchini Photography

Strategic social media

Social media has been on the rise for a while now, but 2019 will be a year for careful planning and intentional strategies. “Along with getting your work published on publications that have a strong audience on that platform, it’s important to have your own engaged and branded presence on Instagram, and properly using hashtags and geo‑tags so that your targeted clientele can find you,” explains Brittny Drye, editor of Love Inc.

“As an editor, I’ve had to develop my content to not only be inspiring and informative on‑page, but also across social platforms,” she elaborates. “Creating ‘snackable’ content that is easy for soonlyweds to digest while scrolling, yet enticing enough for them to want more and click through. It’s certainly not easy, particularly with the ongoing changes to the algorithms, but it’s the way content is consumed and we all just have to evolve and adapt.”

En Route Photography

Using video for direct engagement

In 2019, video marketing will be implemented more than ever before as it becomes the consumer’s choice medium for engagement. While Snapchat was initially a challenging platform to connect with to-be-weds, the introduction of Facebook Live and Instagram Stories puts wedding pros front-and-center where millennial couples are already searching.

Julia Braime & Rachel Parry, editors of Brides Up North, agree, sharing that “Readers love video because it’s instantly accessible, visually impactful and requires minimum effort on their part – they can watch live streamed bridal fashion shows and feel a part of industry events from the comfort of their sofa. We also find, in our line of work, that video helps introduce readers to those behind the blog, giving it personality with an ‘access all areas’ vibe that makes them feel better connected to both us as individuals and our brands.”


A widespread growth mindset

Since the industry is always evolving, it’s becoming more essential for event professionals to continue pursuing educational opportunities, whether formal or informal. It doesn’t require a major investment either. Conferences and workshops are incredible experiences, but there is a wealth of information available through books, podcasts, webinars, and other online resources.

“I think ongoing education, especially as a publication is so crucial,” says Dorothy Polka of Polka Dot Bride. “We are literally built on something that did not exist fifteen years ago and with the endless new developments, it’s so vital to keep up with what is happening and to understand it to be able to make informed decisions. I don’t think one can wait for learnings and research to find them when there is so much (often incorrect) noise.”

Drye adds a friendly reminder: “No matter where you are at in your career, there’s always room to learn from others, and I’m constantly striving to be better, to know more, and to connect with other professionals to be inspired by.”

For a deeper look into the world of weddings in 2019, take a look at our newest issue of the International Wedding Trend Report.

Kylie Carlson is the CEO of the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning. With seven locations globally, the academy boasts an internationally recognized accreditation program that brings professional training to wedding planners, designers and stylists.


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Kylie Carlson is the owner of The Wedding Academy, a globally-known education organization for industry professionals. Since its start in 2007, the Academy has launched the careers of over 4,000 wedding planners with their certification courses, and Kylie has devoted her time to empowering other CEOs and entrepreneurs to build a meaningful, powerful career. She’s also the founder of Wedding CEO Club and the Wedding CEO Podcast.

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