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The Foundation of NACE, in conjunction with The International School of Hospitality, presents The Patti J. Shock Scholarship educational scholarship.

This educational scholarship provides funding for the Meeting and Event Catering Certificate program in class in Las Vegas or online.
Patti J. Shock has long been a highly regarded member of not only the TISOH academic team but also a highly respected member of the catering and events industry as a whole, viewed as one of the best industry educators. Patti has truly inspired many to continue their pursuit of excellence in the catering and events industry through education. She knows that it takes not only exceptional skill to succeed but also a broad range of knowledge that only education can provide.
The Meeting and Event Catering Certificate program strives to teach participants to deliver maximum value to their meeting and event clients, no matter the budget. The curriculum gives a well-rounded view of not only catering and menu writing, but also the essential processes and procedures, including but not limited to safety, staffing, and negotiation techniques.

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