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Sustainable Dropoff Catering with VerTerra

Sustainable, compostable, and eco-friendly are seemingly the buzz words of the year when it comes to marketing products. Except at VerTerra these “buzz words” aren’t buzz words, they are the foundation of our business. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful quality products that are made completely from the Earth.

We have a wide range of products and a consumer base that uses our products for a plethora of uses. The Catering Industry loves our products! We have an entire line dedicated to serving trays perfect for apps, meals, serving, and more. Rethink your businesses by introducing Sustainable Dropoff Catering – simply prepare and deliver all of the food with no need to pick up. Rest easy knowing that you are saving time, lowering costs, and being eco-friendly!

VerTerra Serveware

VerTerra serveware is made from leftover Balsa wood and is coated in rice paper. Our products are incredibly durable and can hold some weight! They can withstand hot, cold, oils, acids, and liquids.

The 12x12x1 Tray can hold anything! Salads, pastas, meats, etc. it also works very well as a passed appetizer tray. The 12x12x4 and 7x7x4 deep vessels have the flexibility to be divided two or four ways. These trays are amazing for a snack assortment, fruits, salads, pastas, and more!

The 11×15 tray range works great for main courses, desserts, and more! The collapsible style is great for space saving storage – they store completely flat! The fixed sided style is a bit thicker and is better for heavier fare that needs to be moved.

Between all of our styles we have your need covered! Also check out our dinnerware, small ware, collapsible boxes, cheeseboards, and cutlery at www.verterra.com

This post is sponsored by VerTerra Dinnerware

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