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Sustainable can be mouthwatering too!

One of the countless things I love about the Hospitality industry is how it is constantly evolving to market changes, and forever adapting to the needs of guests. Nowhere are these changes more evident—and urgent—than in the Seafood category, in which I’ve worked for 20+ years. Like all consumers, today’s guests share concerns about seafood consumption’s impact on the ocean and its resources. After all, endangered aquatic species due to overfishing isn’t just the stuff of National Geographic headlines and PBS documentaries. It has become a global crisis. Fortunately, I work for one of a growing number of seafood establishments committed to providing guests with seafood options that are sustainable and mouthwatering, too. Truluck’s dedication to sustainable seafood was on full display at our NACE One Award-winning Holiday Soiree.

At this gala event, Truluck’s served its signature dish, fresh-from-the-water Florida Stone Crab claws, which we only offer when they are in season from mid-October through mid-May. Respecting the seasonal cycles of marine life is vital to helping the Stone Crab population regenerate. On top of that, the crabbers are a do-no-harm kind of folk. When the crabs are captured, only one claw is delicately removed and the crab is then released back into the ocean. That claw will grow back over the upcoming months, and crabbers are expressly forbidden from capturing any crab with only one claw.

The remarkable Florida Stone Crab wasn’t the only sustainable delicacy Truluck’s served at the Holiday Soiree. Guests enjoyed seared scallops delivered from stringently regulated waters off the Massachusetts coastline, from a purveyor who’s every catch is trackable online via barcodes attached to every shipment. This same respect for oceanic species and accountability to concerned customers holds true for our Icelandic Arctic Charr, Alaskan Copper River Salmon, Alaskan King Crab, and other guest favorites. At every event, at every opportunity, we work to provide complete transparency about our seafood’s point of origin, and the responsible manner in which it is caught.

Our company’s commitments to sustainability are clearly stated on our website (trulucks.com), including policies such as never serving endangered, overfished species, and adhering to all Ocean Conservancy guidelines. Truluck’s believes that as responsible restaurateurs, we must champion the sustainable seafood movement. We also believe that gives guests one more reason to smile at the events we serve.


Amber Scheer, CPCE is the Special Events Coordinator at Truluck’s and a 2019 NACE One Award Winner in the On-Premise Catered Event of the Year – Budget $50,000 – $100,000 and the Corporate Event Production of the Year – Budget $50,000 – $100,000 categories. 

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