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Setting the Foundation for Strategic Growth

Absolutely no one starts a business thinking “I want this company to do okay for a few years and then call it quits.”They do start a business thinking “I’m going to start something absolutely incredible that will help bring joy to my clients and drive a profit.”

In order to do that though, you need to have a strong foundation that will support strategic growth. Often, business owners fail to establish that foundation when they are starting up, simply because they do not know what they do not know.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, it’s important to evaluate if your foundation is optimized for strategic growth. Here are three things to consider:

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Clearly define your values

What you value will drive the company’s direction and overall vibe. If you value client experience, you’ll consistently deliver incredible service. If you value teamwork, you will build a collaborative space where everyone knows how their work impacts the rest of their team. If you value innovation, you will create experiences for clients that are unsurpassed.

You need to more than just define your values. There needs to be consistency in how those values are implemented at every level of your company.

It is possible to develop terrific values but fail to implement them in a way that resonates with both your team and clients. For example, a company that values candidness may find themselves being a little too candid with a client’s parent who is asking why they cannot bring their own homemade cake to the venue. In that example, an explanation that is too candid could lead to an extremely negative review and client experience than a lightly sugar-coated answer.

Consider your growth plan, the type of environment you want for employees, and the type of service you want to provide your clients. Based on those things, define three to five key values that will drive your company forward and make sure that every action that you take is in keeping with those core values.

Use a software to keep track of proprietary information

The team at Curate recently heard the story of a small, but growing catering company who lost their founding chef to a competitor. Because the chef never wrote down the recipes, he took all of the recipes with him and the team was left in a bind as they entered a weekend with a dozen events.

Whether you’re a caterer who needs to keep track of your recipes or an florist with a signature design, you need to have a tool that can keep your creative work safe and that allows other team members to replicate the work the you and your team have created.

The reality is that you will not be around for every single event.

Strategic growth will involve delegating tasks like food prep, floral installations, and overall event execution to other people. When you choose a tool that will keep track of that proprietary information, you will be able to replicate yourself (and other key employees) so that others can execute as flawlessly as you would.

As an added bonus, utilizing a software in this way can also help you control your costs and manage your profit margins!

Elevate expectations for your team

In the events industry, your team needs to perform with excellence. Anything less is underserving your clients.

Elevate the expectations for your team by creating very clear SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for them. Doing so will help achieve efficiency, quality work, consistency, and reduce the chance of miscommunication. Plus, in the case of an on-site disaster, your SOPs will provide a guide for handling the situation smoothly so that the client is never troubled.

Your SOPs will create an elevated benchmark for service and performance. Though your customers may never know about your SOP, they will feel the impact of the quality and consistency you provide.

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Ben graduated from the University of Arkansas, focusing on Business and Marketing with a passion for helping lead and grow teams towards achieving bigger picture goals. With a diverse work history of sales, marketing, product and IT, Ben has a passion in looking at the end result and finding ways to always tie benefits back to the end customer. Ben’s current role in Curate plays on these past experiences as he leads the Curate Collaborations Team, focusing on education and relationships within the industry and collaborating with key players in the space.

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