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Seasonal Trends to Inspire Your Outdoor Events

Thanks to Mother Nature, the perfect venue for your next event could be your own backyard. As the weather heats up, leverage a setting sun, summer breeze and open-air environment to leave your guests in awe. By incorporating these fresh trends in furniture and décor, you can create a unique event experience inspired by the natural world and anchored with on-trend industrial chic pieces.

Follow these tips to bring your next outdoor event to life:

Embrace eco-friendly elements

More and more event attendees show concern for environmental impact and ‘green’ values, so consider implementing zero-waste or waste-reducing measures to align with this growing mindset. Small details like substituting plastic products for recyclable materials can make a big difference, and sustainable natural fabrics like cotton and linen add texture to your event while also reducing your carbon footprint.








Go green

When it comes to botanicals, go big or go home! Grand topiaries and trees can mimic a lush garden and generate an immersive outdoor oasis. Create depth and intimacy in larger spaces by integrating faux foliage, like the Boxwood Hedge, which adds a backdrop of greenery for a natural touch. Offer seating that plays up your organic setting with wicker features, as seen in the Boca Collection, and enhance your setting further with candles and string lights.







Mix it up

Indoor trends are making their way outside this season with industrial chic furniture.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals for a refined look that doesn’t feel stiff. Combine these Rustique benches and barstools with Hayworth cocktail and end tables to create an eclectic atmosphere that allows guests to relax. Give your guests unique points of view with varied seating heights, and add decadent florals for a finishing touch that’s smooth, simple and modern.






When planning outdoor events, go as big and bold as you want by balancing natural elements with trendy industrial finishes for an exciting, engaging event experience. To learn more about CORT’s exhibit and event rental collections, visit www.cortevents.com.

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