Role: Event Professionals

Three simple things you can do to improve your event social media presence TODAY!

Social media can be a huge marketing tool for event businesses, but can also be completely...

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Musings on Smarts and Education

I recently visited Boston and stayed overnight at a hotel near Harvard Square. A little intimidated...

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NACE Members Shine on the Super Bowl Stage

Some years, you forget who won the Super Bowl. Some years, you forget who even played. This...

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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Working with a Temporary Staffing Company

The stage is set. Tables and chairs have arrived at the venue, chefs are frantically preparing...

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Making the Move from Weddings to Events

As an experienced wedding planner, you already know there are many benefits that go along with...

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Menu Planning: Point of a View from a Wedding Planner

I have been sitting and thinking about how weddings have changed over the last eleven years that I have been...

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