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Pride Month Member Spotlight: Andy Bomberger, CPCE

How long have you been a member of NACE? What drew you to NACE?

Since 2013 – the late Patti Shock offered extra credit in a college course and I was hooked immediately. 

What does Pride Month mean to you?

Pride Month is a way to stand by those who’ve faced or are facing trials and tribulations for just being who they are. Festivals and rainbow colored everything are a symbolic way of telling people “We see you. We love you. We support you”. So many people were not accepted by their own and we need to make sure they know they are loved.

What do you think people can do this Pride Month to raise awareness about important issues that impact the global LGBTQ+ community in the catering and events industry?

Your story is not mine, and mine is not yours. Hear each other, and really listen. Take time to question your beliefs, good and bad, and unravel them. Accept that you may have an unconscious bias of some kind and work on fixing it.

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Charmayne Branch

Charmayne Branch is the Marketing and Communications Manager for NACE and brings 6 plus years of experience ranging from content marketing to social media content creation and website management.

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