The NACE Story

Post-War Beginnings

After World War II, many companies who had been involved in making war products had to find another product to manufacture, and their efforts fueled a manufacturing revolution. The large number of new products resulted in traveling salesmen as well as the beginning of the sales meetings as we know them today. This coincided with an increase in air travel, which meant that leisure travelers were also beginning to occupy hotel rooms for extended stays.

Noticing the increase in revenue from business travelers, hotels set up sales departments and began creating meeting and ballroom space specifically for this business. As the number of people in hotel sales and other executive positions increased, several saw the need to create associations. Among those formed were the American Hotel Association, The Hotel Sales and Marketing Association and the Food Service Executives Association.

Editors note: As NACE approached its 50th year, the organization was saddened to announce Vince's passing in November 2007. Vince became a symbol of the association's longevity, growth, and success. He attended almost every educational conference, earned his CPCE, and shared his wisdom, knowledge, and history of NACE with all who crossed his path. Read a tribute to Vince by Jerry Edwards, CPCE, and former national president, who talks about Vince as a friend and mentor.