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NACE Members Shine on the Super Bowl Stage

Some years, you forget who won the Super Bowl. Some years, you forget who even played.

This year the New England Patriots’ comeback, led by quarterback Tom Brady, to a victory over the Atlanta Falcons is likely to be remembered for a long time whether you are loyal to either team.

But we think it’s going to remembered because of the fantastic events that took place pre, during and post game. And because of all the NACE members that participated.

You just can’t have a party in Houston without NACE members showing you how it’s done. At our most recent count, more than 30 NACE members companies had key roles in Super Bowl kick off parties, host committee events, even the halftime show.

Once again NACE members lead the way! Here are two shots from an event featuring Johanna Terry Events.

Next year, the  2018 Super Bowl will be played in Minneapolis. And all we can say to the Minneapolis/Saint Paul chapter is that you better get on your game!

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