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Member Spotlight: Kellie Daab

Kellie Daab got involved with events like many people, by just dipping her toes in. Her aunt paid her $500 to serve as a jack of all trades at her cousin’s wedding. Kellie planned, coordinated, created the flowers, and even sang three times on the big day. From there, she invested the $500 into education for herself, leading to the launch of her own boutique wedding and event planning company. She went on to gain expertise in the hospitality industry at several properties, advancing her knowledge of production, and eventually stepping into the sales space at a large-scale catering firm. Today, she is the founder of Wedding Industry Education.

Kellie’s involvement with NACE began through her chapter, like many of our members, when she was in search of education. This led her to Experience 2018. Kellie not only experienced the hottest outdoor temperatures ever but also built a  network that she will always be forever grateful to know and love.

When asked a few questions about the industry, Kellie’s passion certainly shines through. One of the biggest challenges she faces is finding the time to all of her innovations to fruition. If anyone has learned to clone humans, please reach out to Kellie. When asked what her one piece of advice to anyone new to the industry, Kellie suggests buying comfortable shoes. She also encourages everyone to listen, learn and grow, but also take care of themselves.

Kellie insists she is not that cool, because she prefers to wear her hair back with sweat pants and is a little bit introverted, but we are inclined to disagree. All of the hard work and love she has given to the industry and its professionals definitely adds up. NACE feels lucky to have her!

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