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Member Spotlight: Keith Willard

Keith Willard, of Keith Willard Events and the NACE South Florida Chapter, originally thought NACE was just for networking. While working in catering roles at the Ritz-Carlton and Hyatt Regency, Keith began attending events. It wasn’t until he decided to start his own event company that he realized there was more to NACE.

Keith quickly learned that he could utilize NACE as a tool, not only for networking but for advice and research.

Just like his knowledge of NACE’s variety of benefits, he too is a jack of all trades. Before starting his own event company he spent years learning about all aspects of event – including product releases, lighting, stage sets, hotels, rentals, catering and licensing. All of his experience allows him to give his clients realistic advice – and make him a serious asset to NACE and his chapter.

In addition to his work in events, Keith calls BINGO once a month for charity and has been serving in this role at a community center for 14 years! He has a serious following, they’ve had to increase the space for his BINGO games from 50 to 200 people, and we’ll just say…this is not your grandma’s BINGO.

When asked about the biggest challenges Keith faces in his work, managing expectations was the first thing that came to Keith’s mind. Nowadays everyone thinks they can DIY their parties and weddings, but educating your customer’s about reality and getting them the biggest bang for their buck is Keith’s top goal. We’d be happy to hang out with Keith at our own events, or at a BINGO game! You can find him at a South Florida chapter meeting, or on Facebook.

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