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Member Spotlight: Gary Bordman

This month we shine the spotlight on Gary Bordman, CSEP. Get to know your fellow NACE member and hear about his professional journey.  If you’d like to share your story and be featured on the NACE site, contact us membership@nace.net.


NACE: How did you first get involved with NACE?  
Gary: I have been in the Special Event industry since 1999 and had been involved with Cater Source back in the day with their events.  The company I worked for had a membership and connections so we were involved as well as Patti Shock made sure I was included whenever possible even when I was not a member.

NACE: Please provide some background on your current company. How long have you been there, what is your role?  
Gary: I am the Owner of AE&ES is an Interactive Game and Experience Company with a dash of Trade Show in it.   We are celebrating 5 yrs in business this month.  I have been in the industry for 23 years to date.  We offer a variety of games and experiences from Virtual Reality to arcade games.  We also offer team building and group engagement programs that your guests have fun for a purpose.

NACE: What was your path to your current position?
Gary: First as a member and now on the board in Las Vegas.  Hospitality Chair.  I served on the board of ILEA back in the day for 10 years and became President of the Chapter in 2008.

NACE: What might NACE members be surprised to learn about you?
Gary: I actually grew up in the Carnival Business, so you might say that Special Events are in my blood

NACE: What is the biggest challenge you face in your role?
Gary:  Providing consistent quality service to our clients and keeping our team jazzed about what we do for the clients.  Also keeping up with current trends in the interactive and experience side of the business, VR and AR are going to be around for a while and being able to offer activations at a reasonable rate is key to the success with a Big Impact.

NACE: What is your favorite part of the catering and events industry?
Gary: I love getting a call from a potential or current client and hearing them say OK thrill me on what you can do for this client.  They have done and seen it all, what do you have?  Then after asking my questions and putting some ideas together, asking them to close their eyes and imagine this!  Then I explain their event to them and get their feedback.  The big fun is seeing the reaction of the end client and guests when we hit the mark and beyond.

NACE: If you could give one piece of advice to those entering the industry, what would it be?
Gary: Don’t burn bridges and don’t take anything personally.  It is just business!  Remember the client is NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!  You can fire a client if you need to but do it for the right reasons.

NACE: Do you have a favorite NACE memory?
Gary: NACE Experience 2018, My first national conference where I was an attendee and not just working it.  I got to interact with so many new friends and best of all got the one and only, Joe Mahoney to ride in our VR Roller Coaster on the Moon.  That was great.

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