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Member Spotlight: Anna Oakes

Anna Oakes has lived a life in the hospitality industry. Her father owns and operates two Chik-fil-a restaurants where she worked for several years before moving on to events. So it’s no surprise that once Anna was recruited to NACE by a friend in 2017, she got involved on many levels.

Anna is a student at the Conrad N. Hilton College at the University of Houston. She is also the 1st Vice President of Education and Development of the NACE Houston student chapter. She also serves on the NACE National membership committee.

Anna also works as an Assistant Event Planner, training to be a lead planner, at Wed & Prosper in Houston. Anna’s favorite part of her role is working with all the fantastic vendors, making friends, and networking with (and learning from!) fall of the tremendous event planners. When asked what the most challenging part of her role is, Anna said keeping calm when others are panicking keeps her busy in her position. With all of her experience working in quickly paced industries and leading her NACE chapter, we are sure its no struggle for her to keep calm and plan on!

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