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Internal Housekeeping Tips and Tricks for Busy Event Pros

On the outside, a successful event business is one that serves its clients well and rakes in the profits. But, as any business owner knows, those are simply the results of a well-organized internal structure. After all, it’s hard to churn out quality work if you’re confusing deadlines, losing files, or missing important details.

Yet, it’s common for event professionals to immerse themselves in client-facing responsibilities to the point they lose sight of the necessary upkeep a business needs. Without regular maintenance of your systems and workflows, your operations will fall into disrepair and inevitably spill over into the client experience.

As busy as you are, commit to monthly or quarterly housekeeping days to ensure your business continues to run like a well-oiled machine. Here are a few areas to revisit and optimize during your internal check-ins.

Examine your policies and procedures.
In a perfect world, you’d set your policies and procedures once and be done with it. However, they are subject to external circumstances so you need to be mindful of how they may need to be updated. COVID-19 was the perfect example — the pandemic left many event businesses scrambling to update their postponement and cancellation policies as live events came to a standstill.

Other factors that may call for changing your policies and procedures include expanding your team, altering your business model, an uptick in natural disasters, a turbulent economy, and other situations outside of your control. As you can see, both internal and external influences can require an update to ensure you’re protecting your business, your staff, and your clients.

Increase efficiency with templates.
Reinventing the wheel every time you do something is a waste of time. With business templates at the ready, you can effectively save time and build consistency within your company. A reliable template is just as useful as a robust digital platform! There are plenty of areas that you can take advantage of templates: client questionnaires, new client intake forms, contracts, inquiry responses, invoice reminders, and so on.

Although you can use them over and over, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice authenticity. The beauty of a template is that you can personalize them to keep your brand voice alive and engaging. Dress up your templates with spots to customize names, event dates, venues, and vendor lists. In some cases, you can also add in a few lines written directly to the recipient to build a personal connection, like mentioning their children or asking about their vacation you saw on social media.

Keep tabs on your staff.
Your team can only be as successful as you! No matter how skilled and empowered they are in the business, they still need guidance. It’s essential for leaders to check-in regularly and provide resources for additional training and education. Keep an eye out for employees’ strengths and weaknesses and organize your staff accordingly. When everyone can thrive in their role, your business will run smoothly and seamlessly.

Plus, don’t forget to ask for feedback! Leaders are accustomed to giving it out, but it’s vital to establish a two-way street when it comes to feedback. The better leader you can become, the more successful your team—and your business—will be in the long run.

Getting your business in order isn’t the sexiest task, but it’s one that is essential if you want to keep your head above water and maintain your clients’ satisfaction. By carving out a day or two every month or quarter to get your internal operations squared away, you’ll find that running a business becomes much easier when everything is organized and in the right place!

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Dixie Bagley is the owner of The Farm in Rome, Georgia - a European farm estate with lodging set in the north western Georgia mountains. The venue focuses on working with couples who want to give their guests a relaxed, but thoughtful countryside weekend wedding experience. Having been in the wedding industry for 12 years, Dixie is a master of multi-tasking and wants to make everyone feel at ease. Dixie holds a degree in exercise science from the American Council of Exercise and is Certified Wedding Planner & Venue Coach for The Bridal Society.

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