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How Virtual Reality Can Expand Your Training

The most successful companies come with the best-trained teams, but training programs can vary in levels of effectiveness. There are many factors that go into quality training and virtual reality has the power to address most of them. Its seamless interface and versatile usage makes it a great choice to enhance your existing systems.

Let’s explore the ways that VR can transform your approach to staff training, both for onboarding purposes and for continued training opportunities.

It’s accessible to everyone.

When you’re working on an event, the site visit is usually when all of the important questions are covered and a venue tour provides a real-life walkthrough of how the space will be laid out on event day. It’s an excellent way to understand the floorplan, but it’s typically only for one or two people from a company. With a realistic 3D rendering of the layout, every person involved will have the chance to do a virtual walkthrough of the space in advance of the event day.

It can be used at any time.

Training staff in-person is a time-consuming process, no matter which way you look at it. You either set one time where everyone has to drop what they’re doing to sit in a meeting or you have to do individual sessions based on your employees’ schedule. Either way, it’s going to take up time for everybody. Virtual reality brings the entire team together for interactive onsite tours, eliminating the need in-person meetings for training purposes. When the program provides access across multiple platforms (such as laptop, VR headset, tablet), your team has many options for logging in to virtually explore and review details and layouts from anywhere in the world.

It’s fully collaborative.

Using virtual reality for training purposes increases the accuracy and productivity of a team when it comes to planning an event. Since everybody is seeing the same setup or program at the same time, it allows for an unprecedented level of collaboration. Changes and adjustments can be made in real-time, saving time and eliminating the need for unnecessary in-person meetings. Compare that to a pre-printed floor plan that is passed around a morning meeting and you can imagine the difference in staff engagement and understanding.

It’s affordable and easy to use.

In the past, virtual reality has seemed like a thing of the distant future. Nowadays, VR is everywhere and easier than ever to set up and use in your daily life. Even families are bringing VR into their households through video gaming and cinematic experiences. When you consider the saturation of this market, it’s easy to see why virtual reality programs are so easily accessible nowadays. Easy-to-use VR headsets can be picked up at stores like Walmart and Best Buy or purchased online through retailers like Amazon — all for a very reasonable price tag.

If you’re looking to take your internal training program to the next level, look no further than virtual reality for a simple and accessible solution that will transform your business.


With over 20 years of experience in the international events industry, Sandy Hammer is the co-founder and CMO of Allseated, a collaborative network for planning events that offers tools including floorplans, 3D viewing, virtual reality, guest list, RSVP tracking, seating charts, timelines, mobile check-in , and more.

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With over 20 years of experience in the international events industry, Sandy Hammer is the co-founder and CMO of AllSeated, a collaborative network for planning events that offers tools including floorplans, 3D view, Guest List, RSVP, Seating, Timelines, Mobile Check-In and more.

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    Evidently VR has lots of advantages.
    You’ve mentioned the particular cases: accessibility, time- and resource saving, accuracy and productivity of a team, affordability and opportunity to get prepared for an important event in advance.
    I suggest you taking a helicopter view to the catering and considering more applications of VR for your business like training, design, recruiting and more https://litslink.com/blog/usage-of-virtual-reality-in-education-pros-and-cons

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