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How to Use Social Media to Engage Clients

Social media is a great tool for marketing your event and catering business—but how exactly do you do that? The key is engagement. This post is going to cover ten ways to engage the clients of your event and catering business on social media.

1. Be proactive

Though it’s important to respond to feedback and reply to comments, not all of your activity on social media should be passive. Engagement is a two-way street! Take a proactive role and post regularly.

2. Be purposeful 

Post useful content! This is easier than you think. You are the event/catering expert, and what may feel like old news or a no-brainer to you is actually valuable information for your clients. When you make your social media profile a resource for your audience, you will open up the doors for meaningful engagement.  

3. Link to blog posts

An easy way to provide useful content to social media is to link out to your blog posts. For example, during wedding season, you could post a link to a blog post you’ve written on how to choose your menu or DIY decorating ideas. 

4. Ask questions

If you don’t have blog posts or content to link to, you could just provide snippets of information without a link, and ask your audience to comment with what has worked for them. Another way to increase engagement through questions is to address a topic and invite your followers to post their questions on that topic.

5. Partner with related businesses

Not all of the content you promote on your social media accounts has to be yours. Find nearby businesses relevant to your niche, such as venues, bridal shops, bakeries, and photographers. Sharing their content will make your social media feed more robust, and give your clients more material to engage with. Additionally, building relationships with these businesses can lead to referral partnerships and more customers! 

6. Limit promotional posts

Remember, not every tweet or post needs to be promotional. In fact, only 20% of your posts should promote your business. The bulk of your posts should be educational. This builds trust with your audience and ensures your engagement is organic.

7. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags allow users to view the posts from various accounts across social media on one particular topic or area of interest. If you tag your posts with the appropriate hashtags, they are more likely to get found by the followers and clients in your audience who are most likely to engage with your business. 

8. Use popular hashtags

Another way to use hashtags to engage your clients is to use popular and trending hashtags. For example, on Small Business Saturday, the hashtags #smallbizsat and #shoplocal get a lot of views. Create posts that relate to hashtags like these so that you can siphon off some of that increased activity among your clients and prospects.

9. Be personal

Yes, it’s important to stay professional, but you don’t have to talk business 24/7. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your values and emotions into your social media posts. Make known the causes you care about. Crack a joke. Be a little vulnerable!  This gives your business a more approachable feel and makes it easier for clients to engage with you. 

10. Be personable

Share pictures of the people behind the scenes of your business. Recognize dedicated employees, trusty vendors, and awesome clients. People like people! Your clients will be sure to engage with posts that bring out the humans involved in your business.

These are just a few of the many things you can do with social media to engage your clients. Experiment and be creative!

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