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How to Build Trust on Social Media to Get More Leads

The marketing phrase “people buy from who they know, like, and trust” is trite but true.  Our current economic and social instability makes standing out as being trustworthy even more critical.  As fear and insecurity rise, you will emerge as the service provider or vendor of choice by doubling-down on showcasing trust signals.  Your future clients want to know that they will be able to rely on you in good and bad times.  Before they hand over their wedding, fundraiser, or corporate function to you, they are looking for signs that your actions support your marketing messages.

The Four Building Blocks of Trust

Trust is simply the firm belief that a business is reliable, transparent, and capable.  If you can demonstrate those qualities, you will begin a fruitful relationship with your prospects.  The four building blocks of trust can guide your actions and ensure you are in alignment with your promises.

Demonstrate Empathy

Empathy transcends, “I understand,” and moves towards performing the actions that help transform negative into positive.  Empathy is about movement, not platitudes.  Posting on social media that “your heart goes out to those who have had to postpone their wedding” is a nice gesture but lacks power.  Instead, offer complimentary 30-minute consultation sessions to distraught soonlyweds or create a  free downloadable checklist to help with postponement entanglements.  Not only will you be positioning yourself as a helpful expert, but you will also send up sparks of trustworthiness for potential clients.

Advertise Your Authority

Now is not the time to feign humility.  You know that CPCE that you earned? Flaunt it!  Are you a NACE One award winner or finalist? Make it be known!  The goal is not to stroke your ego.  Presenting credibility markers is a sure-fire way to let prospects and current members of your squad know that you have what it takes to help them solve their problems.  Instead of just posting logos on your website, celebrate your accomplishments on social media and dive into what they represent.  Your accolades will help dispel fears and open up doors.

Honor Honesty

It seems pretty apparent that lying would break trust, but inconsistency has a similar effect.  There is an unwritten rule that you will continue to post multiple times per week when you own a company with social media accounts.  If you don’t, it appears like you are going back on your word.  Whether that is true or not, how users perceive you on social media is the reality on which they will base their purchasing decisions.  Batch create your content in advance and use a scheduling tool like later.com or Hootsuite to present as dependable.

Honesty also involves a component of vulnerability.  Brené Brown, the vulnerability expert, says it best. “Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.”  In unexpected situations, potential clients have respect for businesses that aren’t afraid to say, “I don’t know” or “we’re learning.”  The current global resurgence of anti-racism discussions is a great example.  Be honest about where you are and what your plans are to move forward.

Develop Dedication

Dedication transcends posting daily and trickles into your messaging.  Showing up is the cost of entry into a future client’s consideration.  You must be wholeheartedly committed to the success of those who entrust you with the most important memories of their lives.  This may mean bi-weekly check-ins with couples who have postponed their wedding in an exclusive Facebook Group.  It could involve hosting a weekly workshop on social media to educate on the finer points of taking your even virtual. Go the extra mile.

Trust is about honoring your words and following through with actions.  While others are showing up inconsistently and are afraid of revealing their truth, you can rise to play a vital role in the narrative by remaining authentic and proactively building relationships based on a solid foundation.  More prospects will convert into customers because you inspire confidence.


Aleya Harris, an award-winning marketer and former chef and catering company owner, is the Owner of Flourish Marketing, an agency that provides marketing education, strategy, and tools to help wedding, catering, and event professionals get and keep a consistent stream of clients.   Aleya is a StoryBrand Certified Guide. She uses that narrative-based framework to develop clear, engaging, and highly converting marketing assets, like websites and social media solutions, for her clients.  Aleya is the current Marketing Committee Chair for NACE and a top speaker at conferences and events like Catersource and The Special Event.


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Most catering and events business owners fail at making money doing what they love because they don't know how to market themselves. Through her company, Flourish Marketing, Aleya offers marketing education, strategy, and tools that help wedding, catering, and events business owners stop staring at a blank calendar and start getting and keeping a consistent stream of clients. Aleya is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef who also happens to be an award-winning, marketing strategist, brand manager, content developer, and storyteller. She has a background as a marketing executive on the leadership teams of large foodservice organizations and has also been a private chef and catering company owner. Aleya speaks your language and understands your challenges. She knows how important it is to work in your passion. That's why for the past 12 years, she has been focused on helping over 1,000 accounts, brands, and business owners to be successful. Aleya is a dynamic interpersonal communicator and presenter with the exceptional ability to inspire, motivate, and equip her audience. She loves opportunities to connect, help people develop, and create the space for her fellow entrepreneurs to see their visions manifest.

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