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How Mom Shaped Our Catering Careers

At Wolfgang Puck Catering, hospitality is at the core of everything we do, from dreaming up custom menus to planning venue logistics. Making guests feel welcome and comfortable (not to mention well-fed!) is at the core of any catering business, but many of us were introduced to the spirit of hospitality at home, from the biggest boss of them all: mom.

Maybe she was the ultimate party planner, an exquisite cook, or in the food business—whatever the case, many of our catering careers are mom-inspired. So in honor of Mother’s Day on May 13, we’re taking a look at how some of our mothers have shaped our careers. Consider it a small sign of gratitude, and inspiration for future professionals— thank you for everything, mom!

Jessica Wang, Catering Sales Manager for Wolfgang Puck Catering: “My family owned a variety of restaurants, serving Chinese, Vietnamese and American cuisine. I grew up surrounded by a whole lot of culinary talent, including my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents, but most importantly, my mom. My mom would wake up at the crack of dawn to make me breakfast before school while starting her mise en place for dinner. Owning a restaurant, she worked 12 hour days, 6 days a week, but would somehow manage to cook us dinner every night, and I’m not talking about your average dinner. We would have at least 6-8 dishes, including soup and dessert, every single night. It wasn’t until I shared some Chinese New Year meals with my colleagues that I realized I was spoiled rotten with delicious home-cooked meals for my entire life.

I always knew I had an abnormal interest in food, but I never realized where it stemmed from until I started working for Wolfgang Puck Catering. It wasn’t until I started working with our talented and passionate chefs that I saw a reflection of my mom with the same pride in her kitchen at home. She is my daily inspiration and the one who ignited my love for food (and some good whiskey). Everyone should be able to experience amazing food cooked with as much love and dedication as our team does for every event, and as my mom did for my family every day.”

Nicole Leonetti, Director of Catering Sales, Sony Pictures Studios: “I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was incredibly spoiled by what an amazing a cook my mother is! She ruined me for nothing but the best when it came to food – which is why I feel I gravitated to Wolfgang Puck Catering. While we had all of the typical Italian fare and Sunday dinners were not to be missed, it was really the parties that were my favorite. My mother is the consummate host and I reveled in helping take drink orders and putting together antipasto trays for friends and family. I enjoyed keeping the food refreshed and making sure everyone had what they needed.

My mother instilled in me a great passion for food but also a passion for making other people happy with food. I think the biggest thing I’ve taken from her in my work today is to make sure that everyone is well taken care of and feels good as soon as they walk in. I have conversations with guests to find out their favorite foods, any dietary restrictions, and what they like personally. It’s about the personal touch— paying attention to all the small things and making people feel special.”

Amy Unell, Regional Vice President: “My foundation in the food and beverage industry is rooted in my mother’s love for cooking and entertaining, along with her career focus. My mom, Kayla, enjoyed hosting dinner parties, as well as milestone celebrations, at our home. She would research the food trends in magazines (pre-internet times) to design menus, and with prep list in hand, go to farmers markets. I was her “right-hand kid” in the prep, dishwashing, execution, and service. I was in awe of the organization, time management, and equally intrigued by trying new flavor combinations. When it all came together, I took joy in seeing the delight in our guests’ faces.

Further, my mom had a successful medical career as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She worked long hours, striving to be the at the top of her field. While she was most willing to make the family dinner on a daily basis, she would encourage my brother and I to get dinner started if we didn’t want to wait. As growing and hungry teenagers, we accept her invitation to dabble in the kitchen—igniting a lifetime passion for cooking.”

Eric Klein, Vice President of Culinary: “My mother is a unique individual— a farmer, a butcher, and a mom. She grew up in a small village in northeastern France, and worked her way up at the shop, learning every skill. She married my father, a farmer, and helped him work the land. When I was growing up, after I came home from school I’d learn how to help my parents— cutting meat, making sausages, canning vegetables, making preserves and jams, and more.

What we learn from our parents gets passed down from generation to generation. For me, being a chef isa way, deep inside, of feeling close to how I grew up. At first, my mom didn’t want me to be a chef, but now she is very pleased, and she knows when she sees some of my family-style recipes where they came from. What a family passes on to its children is precious—for me that was cooking food and serving others. That’s the basis of the hospitality industry, and my mother gave me that foundation, and made me who I am today.”

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