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Healthy Catering Options

As the new year and its accompanying resolutions kick in to gear, many clients may be looking for healthier dining options at events. Fortunately, it’s easier now more than ever to provide a wide array of health-conscious choices, and to accommodate guests with dietary requests. At Wolfgang Puck Catering, it’s a natural part of our process to work closely with clients to customize menus that satisfy on all counts. Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate healthy eating options into events:

Get Creative With Stations

“At corporate events with all-day meetings, people want a power snack or something that won’t leave them feeling heavy,” says Lauren Twichell, WPC’s Senior Catering Sales Manager at Union Station in Dallas, Texas. “We’ve done granola and trail mix fuel-up stations with yogurt and fruit, giving people their own parfait vessel to build their dish. We also do luncheons with not just DIY salad bars but actually DIY spring roll stations, with tons of fresh vegetables, proteins and rice paper or lettuce to wrap it in.” Brittney Reyer, WPC’s Catering Sales Manager at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, has installed build-your-own Cobb salad stations, along with “greens and grains” stations, featuring whole grains and lean proteins in grab-and-go bowl format. And it even extends to drinks: fruit and herb-infused water stations are a great way to incorporate more color and encourage guests to stay hydrated.

Don’t Dissuade Dietary Restrictions

“We’ve seen a huge increase in requests for dietary restrictions, ranging from vegan to dairy-free to specific allergies like nuts or eggs,” says Reyer. “Some people are nervous when they come to us with specific dietary requests, but it’s totally fine—we try to make people aware that it’s very common these days. We incorporate it early, even putting a line on the RSVP card, so they can set the tone for their guests, to let them know it’s okay to share dietary requests.” Twichell agrees: “People sometimes have hesitations about dietary restrictions, but our chefs are so talented that they can make everything taste amazing. It’s not difficult, it’s just different.”

Build Customization In

“People are more conscious of what they’re eating these days,” says Alecia Thomas, WPC’s Senior Catering Sales Manager at the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Georgia. “We have a very flexible approach, taking requests and custom-building menus right from the outset. We work backwards with our chefs to make recommendations for healthier choices, and send proposals to potential clients based on that. I always tell people, ‘don’t be afraid to request customizing a menu to fit your audience.’ Our chefs are happy to accommodate whatever you need.”

Consider Your Audience

Different kinds of events call for different kinds of healthy eating options. For corporate events, Wolfgang Puck Catering offers a “Food Is Serious Business” menu, which concentrates on healthier, superfood-packed choices that can increase productivity for business meetings. For evening weddings or galas, guests may not want solely salad for dinner, but incorporating lighter options into the side dishes and building healthier DIY stations is an easy way to increase variety and keep clients feeling satisfied.

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Wolfgang Puck’s culinary genius continues to define the creative edge of American dining. Our fine-dining roots inspire a unique approach to catering. Whether you’re arranging breakfast for ten or butler service for two thousand, Wolfgang’s renowned “à la minute” cuisine offers a world-class, restaurant-quality experience.

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