Governance Committee

The Governance Committee provides for the board’s effectiveness and continuing development, particularly in succession planning, preparation of candidates for approval by the membership, annual reviews of national and chapter bylaws, the association’s code of ethics, and NACE’s standard operations procedures and policies for both the national board and chapters.  
Board Liaison: Joe Mahoney, CPCE – Hospitality Staff
Staff Liaison: Kim Grimm, NACE National
Chair: Linwood Campbell, CPCE – The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center
Domenick Savino, CPCE – Drexelbrook Catering & Special Event Center  
Kevin Dennis, JWIC – Fantasy Sound Event Services 
Patty Lemke, CPCE – Monona Catering 
Gil Hall, CPCE – GT&H Hospitality 
The committee will meet a minimum of four times annually, (and when necessary at the call of the committee chair, with 24-hours business day notice – Monday-Friday) including one face to face meeting in conjunction with the Annual Experience Conference. 

Committee Notes
January 10, 2018