Community Grants

Community and Community Education Grants Program

Every day across the country, NACE members are helping others and giving back to their communities. Through the Community Grants Program, NACE chapters are able to support local organizations in their communities that directly affect lives. This being said, the Foundation of NACE Board, in an effort to better serve the members of the NACE community, has reviewed the program and is making some exciting changes.

The Community Grants Program is Changing!

The Community Grants program was established to help chapters serve their local communities. Through the program, 10 or more chapters receive funding every year for philanthropy. With the new strategic plan for NACE, the Foundation of NACE Board wanted to further align with NACE in focusing on the development and support of members and chapters. After all, the Foundation of NACE has NACE in its name.

A decision has been made to transition the Community Grants Program to the Community Education Grants Program. This change will provide grant funding to chapters to provide education to members. With education, members grow their careers, and in turn, make a positive impact on the community at large.

The transition will fully take place in 2020. For 2019, applications under both the original Community Grants Program and the new Community Education Grants Program will be accepted.

How Much is the Grant?

Grants are generally offered with a value of between $500 up to a maximum of $2,000 per grant. Projects with budgets less than or greater than the range can be submitted and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis depending upon merit.

What Does the Grant Cover?

For the 2019 application process, applicants can choose to submit for either the

  • Community Grants Program


  • Community Education Grants Program

Community Grant Program

This grant covers direct program costs associated with the work chapters do with community organizations, local public interest groups or community action projects.

Funding cannot be used to support university specific projects, research projects, program salaries, indirect costs or for travel beyond the local area even when related to the project.

Grants will be awarded for work that begins and must be completed in 2019. Please include any matching funds in the application.

Eligible Project Ideas: Projects within the NACE chapters’ local communities in which members have measurable success in utilizing their skills and knowledge as catering and event professionals can include but are not limited to:

  • Food:(food bank, Meals on Wheels, healthy lunch programs, sustainability programs)
  • Economics:(long-term unemployed with job training, homeless programs)
  • Education:(hospitality programs, reading programs, mentoring programs, after-school programs)
  • Demographic outreach:(children, elderly, veterans, special needs adults)
  • Events: to help a local community need or address an emergency (natural disaster)

Community Education Grant Program

The goal of this program is to provide education for the chapter for the benefit of members. Education is defined broadly. The main criterion is to provide valuable education for as many members as possible. Using the funds to launch a scholarship program is prohibited, as there are other programs for this purpose.

Eligible Project Ideas: 

  • Speakers – sponsoring the fee and/or travel for a speaker for a chapter meeting
  • Meeting – sponsoring a meeting with education, doing something educational that the Chapter otherwise cannot afford
  • Seminar – holding a seminar series

Program Details and Expectations: The application process is now closed.

Please note: Winners may be asked to participate in press briefings or other presentations related to the project. Winners will be REQUIRED to provide photos of the event for promotion on the Foundation of NACE website and social media.

Congratulations to our 2018 Grant Recipients

Chapter Project Name
Washington, DC The American Experience Foundation (AEF)
Seattle PCC Farmland Trust
Cincinnati Together We Rise
Phoenix CHAMP
Triangle, NC The 200 Club of Wake County
Silicon Valley Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP)
Reno-Tahoe OUR Center
Austin B.I.G. Love Cancer Care Support
Las Vegas Street Teens of Las Vegas
Baltimore St. Vincent’s Villa
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