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Getting Festive with Flowers: Floral Inspiration for your Holiday Party

Flowers are often seen as a sign of spring, but that doesn’t mean they’re reserved for that season. ”Even if you’re in Antarctica in the dead of winter, we can create something beautiful for you,” said Vito Russo, Vice President and Creative Director for Carl Alan, one of the Philadelphia region’s leading floral design firms. Russo offers the following tips for incorporating floral design into your upcoming holiday party.

Seasonal Splash

There are certain flowers traditionally associated with decorating for Christmas. Filling vases or baskets with evergreens, mistletoe, poinsettia and holly can automatically make a room feel more festive. Opt for red and white blooms to keep the mood merry.

Deck the Tree

Turn the traditional tinsel up a notch by decorating your Christmas tree with flowers. It doesn’t matter if you place them in bunches or individually, just leave the stems long so you can easily stick them between the tree’s branches.

Make the Meal a Masterpiece

Surprise your guests by turning their food and drinks into canvases. Line plates with petals or have hibiscus flowers floating in glasses.

Candy Crush

Cover vases or baskets with candy canes or another seasonal sweet. Be sure to attach the treats loosely enough that guests can take them home at the end of your event.

Let There Be Light

Winter solstice holidays are often celebrated with lights and/or have a symbolic meaning associated with light. That makes it a perfect opportunity to include candles in your centerpieces. The light from the votives will envelop everything in a warm glow.

About Carl Alan Floral Designs – celebrating its 100th year, Carl Alan is one of the region’s leading and most awarded floral design firms, specializing in weddings, mitzvahs, corporate decor and individual parties and events. Carl Alan has received numerous awards, including one presented by The Knot Magazine for best wedding florist in Philadelphia, the prestigious Mather and Company Award for floral excellence in designing and the NFA (National Florist Association) Award for best floral design company in Philadelphia. This acclaimed design team has provided arrangements for events and galas honoring Sandra Day O’Connor, Joan Rivers, Steve Forbes, Bruce Willis, Angie Dickinson, Carl Bernstein, Salman Rushdie, Gregory Peck, President Bush, President Obama and Army Lt. Gen. David Petraeus. Floral arrangements include design for Samuel L. Jackson, Fergie and Kathleen Turner.

Carl Alan Floral Designs, Ltd.
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Philadelphia, PA 19103
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