Community Education Grants



The Foundation of NACE Community Education Grants program was created to help NACE chapters provide high-quality, relevant education at the local level through grant-based funding for chapter education programs. In our review of operations, we discovered that most recipients used the grants to sponsor speakers. Now, with the growing popularity of the Foundation of NACE Speaker Series, the Community Education Grant has become redundant. 

In its place, we’re excited to announce that the Foundation of NACE will now be expanding the Speaker Series program. The Speaker Series was created to create a course for vetted speakers, provide funding for speakers, and to create guides and templates for hiring speakers. Instead of receiving a $200 grant, Chapters will now be able to apply for a $500 grant every time they use a speaker listed in the speaker directory. Additionally, the Foundation will be growing the speaker roster over the next several months and we look to add many more speakers to the directory. We feel this is a wonderful Chapter benefit as they continue to recover and rebuild in this post-Pandemic world. Please refer to for additional information.