Chapter Grant/Loan Program


About the Foundation of NACE Chapter Grant/Loan Program

To assist NACE chapters that are experiencing financial issues and opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Foundation of NACE has created a Chapter Grant/Loan Program.

The Chapter Grant/Loan Program provides grants to NACE Chapters to use toward education programming, program development, membership development or general operations. 50% of the financial support will be in the form of a forgivable grant, with the remaining 50% treated as an interest-free loan repaid to the Foundation through annual chapter giving.

A chapter receiving a grant/loan is eligible for additional Foundation grants and programs during the grant/loan period as long as loan repayments are current. If a loan repayment is behind, a chapter will be ineligible for additional Foundation grants and programs during the period of time that the chapter is in arrears.

$15000 in funding has been invested into NACE’s chapter network through this program in 2020. For more information, check out the 2021 Annual Report here! 

Chapters who received the grant/loan in 2020 are:

  • Twin Cities
  • Greater Denver
  • Greater Cincinnati
  • Phoenix
  • San Diego
  • Richmond
  • Silicon Valley
  • Broward County/Palm Beaches
  • Capital Area of Wisconsin