Foundation Past Presidents

The Foundation of NACE is built on the efforts of many volunteers, donors and leaders who believe in our mission. The Foundation owes a special debt of gratitude to the Past Presidents who have led the organization since its founding in 1985. We are proud to honor them here.

2018-2019 Zena Phillips, CPCE, CMP
2017-2018 David Buckley, CSEP
2016-2017 Gary McCreary, CPCE, CMP, CSEP
2015-2016 Timothy Lam, CHT, CGSP
2013-2015 Gary Baumann, CPCE
2010-2013 Troy Conklin
2007-2010 Eric Ostrow
2004-2007 Shelley Pedersen, CPCE
1998-2004 Deborah Hinson
1994-1998 Roderick Westmaas, CPCE
1992-1994 Michael Wright
1990-1992 Judy Cantu
1985-1990 Peter Gunther, CPCE
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