Foundation Past Presidents

The Foundation of NACE is built on the efforts of many volunteers, donors and leaders who believe in our mission. The Foundation owes a special debt of gratitude to the Past Presidents who have led the organization since its founding in 1985. We are proud to honor them here.

2022Tracey Amernick, CPCE
2021Terry Shields, CPCE, CSEP
2020Harvey Stern, CPCE, CMP
2018-2019Zena Phillips, CPCE, CMP
2017-2018David Buckley, CSEP
2016-2017Gary McCreary, CPCE, CMP, CSEP
2015-2016Timothy Lam, CHT, CGSP
2013-2015Gary Baumann, CPCE
2010-2013Troy Conklin
2007-2010Eric Ostrow
2004-2007Shelley Pedersen, CPCE
1998-2004Deborah Hinson
1994-1998Roderick Westmaas, CPCE
1992-1994Michael Wright
1990-1992Judy Cantu
1985-1990Peter Gunther, CPCE, CMP